Tanzanian startups nominated for TAW final in Ethiopia

The TAW (Tech African Women) program, launched by the UNECA (United Nations Economic Commission for Africa) in partnership with Betacube, closed its 3-day Tanzanian bootcamp on the 31st of August 2022. The two Tanzanian winning startups were awarded the program’s participation prize, with $2,000 for the first winner Ujana. The selection was based on the market potential of each startup idea and was made after a pitching competition in front of a local jury panel representing different actors in the ecosystem.

During this closing day of the Tanzanian bootcamp, an award ceremony was organized for the candidates. The two nominees were Ujana, an E-commerce platform for Sexual-Reproductive health supplies (1st prize) and Plate AI (2nd prize), a food app that recommends thousands of healthy food options to people people living with dietary ailments.

The two Tanzanian winning startups took another step forward by joining the 2-month online incubation program. A final ceremony for the 8 selected winning startups from Tunisia, Senegal, Tanzania and Ethiopia will take place in Ethiopia at the UNECA Conference Center in Addis Ababa. Each startup will be invited to pitch its idea to win the program final prize: $7000 for the best startup.

In support of digital innovation in Africa and women entrepreneurship, the TAW (Tech African Women) aims to achieve the objectives of the Connected African Girls Coding Camp program. This program was initiated by the UNECA to provide young women and girls with education and technological skills in order to promote Africa’s integration, generate inclusive economic growth, boost job creation, break the digital divide and eradicate poverty for Africa’s socio-economic development and ensure Africa’s ownership of modern digital management tools.