Why you need dynamic data protection

SLVA CyberSecurity and Active Cypher’s data protection and control solution works across all systems, protecting data at rest, in motion and during collaboration.

Understanding the importance of simplifying data protection, SLVA CyberSecurity has partnered with Active Cypher, to help its customers overcome these specific challenges.

This is achieved by providing data security across the entire data supply chain, explains SLVA CyberSecurity CEO Patrick Evans. In this way, he adds, one can render sensitive data worthless to ransomware attackers, and turn potential data breaches from catastrophes into inconveniences.

“Active Cypher is a data protection and control solution designed to protect and secure data across its entire lifecycle, in ways that are less complex and costly than its contemporaries. Essentially, it redefines data loss prevention, by ensuring that data is self-protected at all times, even when firewalls and other security measures fail,” he says.

“This is done through the provision of comprehensive encryption, complete access control, and file activity monitoring solutions for businesses. This partnership enables businesses to proactively secure their data from a range of challenges, including hacking, ransomware, and even accidental disclosure,” continues Evans.

Evans notes that the solution achieves this by using high-level policy frameworks, as opposed to complicated service rules or time-consuming classification. Active Cypher determines who is allowed to decrypt a file by ‘piggy-backing’ on the company’s existing Active Directory (AD) or Azure AD file access permissions. This, he says, enables all encrypted data to be viewed only by users that are members of the AD Security Groups, and thus have network access permission to view and edit files.

“The beauty of Active Cypher, and one of the key reasons we chose to work with it, is that its data protection and control solutions work across all systems. Thus it is able to shield data not only at its creation point, but at rest, in motion in any environment, and in email and file sharing collaboration, across any platform,” adds Evans.

Says Active Cypher’s VP Global Business Development, Brian Morgan, “As a global leader in the data protection market, Active Cypher is always looking for partners that can help address the needs of today’s enterprise companies and service providers. The key qualities we look for are a pedigree in cybersecurity technologies, a consultative approach to solving client needs, and a focus on business outcomes for the client. We felt that SLVA CyberSecurity exemplifies those qualities and expertise and has a proven track record in the high-growth markets of Africa and the United States. We look forward to evolving our relationship with SLVA and together with their service provider partners to help enterprises enable their data to protect itself.”

As it protects and secures information dynamically across the entire data supply chain, it means that information on electronic devices in-transit to anywhere in the world and within any cloud sharing service, such as Dropbox, OneDrive or SharePoint remains fully secured.

“A great example of the tangible impact Active Cypher can have can be seen in the healthcare industry, which handles a wealth of highly sensitive patient information. A local hospital that uses cloud collaboration tools recently experienced a ransomware incident, and turned to Active Cypher to protect the information related to their patient data,” notes Evans.

“The information security team required a data protection solution that scaled across a complex ecosystem of internal departments and external stakeholders, while thoroughly protecting highly sensitive data containing personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI).”

He says that Active Cypher was chosen as it gave the client hospital the ability to secure any type of file, across any environment, while still integrating easily with existing security technologies. This meant that the information security team was able to secure critical hospital and patient data through Active Cypher, without slowing down information sharing and collaboration workflows.

Similar use cases are referenceable for the legal industry, financial services, mergers & acquisitions, companies listed on the stock exchange that need to “enforce quiet periods”, the service provider market, and product innovation groups.

“The manner in which Active Cypher solved the unique challenge of a complex organisation, one that prioritises data security, demonstrates the benefit of having a single solution to protect and secure data across its entire lifecycle. Active Cypher and SLVA can help you avoid business-impacting events around data breaches caused by malware, ransomware, and inadvertent loss. We can put you back in control of your business operation and critical data, by ensuring that your data is protected at all times, anywhere and everywhere,” says Evans.