Habits That Shaped Influencer Jason Borkland and Helped Him See the Wild and Almost Unimaginable

Jason Borkland is a man of multiple talents. On any given day, you will see him on the riskiest of expeditions, snorkeling with sharks, weaving through the sky on heliskiing excursions, or simply traveling and exploring the wonders of the world. And while he’s at it, he makes sure to capture everything to share with others. 

Scientific communities have used his incredible underwater photography and videography to research marine life. There are few as daring as him who dive into the deepest corners of the world and even fewer who succeed in capturing the hidden world down there. He says his line of work as a master diver and content creator has induced a new purpose in life. He wishes to advocate for aquatic life and let the world above know that it is our duty as citizens of the planet to protect every living being, seen or unseen.

Above all, he is a seeker in search of everything wild, the ultimate truth, and also of his own personal limits. 

Jason allows each adventure to help him grow and focus on personal development. No matter how cliché it sounds, he thoroughly believes in the power of expeditions to change someone’s life. Diving took Jason from Belize to the Bahamas, Cancun to Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Guadalupe Island, and other parts of open water. It has helped him grow tremendously as an individual and realize his purpose in life. 

As a successful content creator and ocean advocate, Jason knows first-hand what building the right habits can do when living in pursuit of adventure and accomplishments. He shared the habits that helped him not just become the best version of himself but also create an impact on others and inspire thousands of his followers. 

The power of determination will make you unstoppable – Jean Charest. 

According to Jason, life loses its true meaning without determination and dedication. When he embarked on his adventures and struggled to learn diving, many wondered what kept him so firm in pursuing it. Perhaps the power of determination challenged him to go deeper and explore the places many tremble to think of.

Honesty saves everyone’s time – Anonymous.

Honesty is the key to developing attributes like kindness, truthfulness, and moral integrity. When Jason experienced the world below the sea, his honesty and clarity of purpose led him to realign his path and join hands with marine conservation. It sharpened his vision and made everything crystal clear to him, strengthening his dream to raise his voice for the protection of marine life for a sustainable future. 

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone – Neale Donald Walsch.

Pushing his limits and experiencing life in the most challenging ways has always remained Jason’s work ethic. And it is the reason he has been able to see the world with eyes wide open and relish the opportunity to introduce others to the world of underwater adventures. He pursued his passion for diving while he had an entire automotive family business, Heritage Body and Frame, to run. Despite that, he did it all and so much more. His love for the sea has led him to ongoing commitments to marine conservation efforts through research, photography, and videography. 

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Website: www.jasonborkland.com