Yofi Grant, CEO of GIPC, is the African business personality of the year 2022, and Ghana represented by GIPC is the best FDI destination in Africa

Yofi Grant, the esteemed CEO of the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC), has been honored with the prestigious title of African Business Personality of the Year 2022 by International Investor Magazine. This coveted award recognizes Yofi Grant’s outstanding leadership and contributions to promoting investment and economic growth in Ghana and across Africa.

Furthermore, GIPC, representing Ghana, was also awarded “Best FDI Destination in Africa for 2022,” solidifying its reputation as an innovative leader in fostering foreign direct investment opportunities in Ghana and the continent as a whole. It is a major milestone for the GIPC and illustrates the hard work and dedication of the CEO in steering Ghana to become one of Africa’s most attractive investment destinations on the back of several reforms and policies by President Nana Akufo-Addo to improve the Ghanaian business environment.

As the CEO of GIPC and Director for Sub-Saharan Africa on the WAIPA steering board, Yofi Grant has been instrumental in attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) into Ghana and shaping investment policies across the continent. He has led initiatives to streamline the investment process, reduce bureaucracy, and increase transparency by spearheading the digitization of investment registration at the GIPC, making Ghana an attractive destination for investors.

Under his leadership, GIPC has been able to attract significant investments into the country in diverse sectors such as energy, manufacturing, and services. The agency has also facilitated partnerships between local businesses and multinational corporations, promoting knowledge transfer and technology exchange.

Commenting on the awards, Mr. Grant noted that “the awards recognize the positive impact of the organization’s initiatives and policies in attracting foreign investment into Ghana and the continent as a whole.” It highlights Ghana’s attractiveness as an investment destination, with a stable political environment and an expanding economy, encouraging more investors to consider Ghana as a destination for their investments.

He added that, “with the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area, Africa’s position as a leading destination for investors seeking vibrant markets and real economic opportunities has heightened.” This has put the continent in a favorable position to attract more foreign investments and promote economic growth. It is therefore expedient that we    

remain at the forefront of this new wave, taking a leadership role in the effort to attract investment for the region”.

Other winners of the International Investor Awards 2022 include; PWC China (Best ESG advisory firm); Access (Best Banking Environmental & Social Performance // Africa 2022); Nordea Asset Management (Best ESG Firm // Northern Europe 2022) and Standard Chartered Bank (Best ESG Bank // South East Asia 2022).