Five Areas Where AI Can Help Do Better Business, Right Now

Artificial Intelligence

By: Jacques Du Bruyn, Managing Director, Flume 

While the creative industry loses its collective mind about how ChatGPT, Bard and the ‘smarter’ version of Bing are going to decimate job numbers in the industry and deliver massive volumes of poor-quality work at next to no cost – and there’s plenty to be said about why that panic is misplaced – there are plenty of applications for AI in the creative industry and others that don’t have people quite as upset.

Content Production

AI is making inroads right now is content creation and production, in terms of developing ideas and producing the content itself.  While AI is able to produce content, as well as to edit, proofread, personalise, optimise and curate – it comes with caveats alongside the time-saving aspects.  Almost every business has a need to create content – whether it’s an email, invitation or creative social media campaign  AI can reduce the time it takes to get the framework done to almost seconds to free up creatives to add the flair that AI currently lacks. Leaving the entire process to AI presents a serious ethical question: do we really want to present work that we didn’t create ourselves? Only you as an individual can make that decision.

Human Resources

AI has the ability to contribute to HR in many ways right now – including making the recruitment process a lot easier and more efficient by analysing potential candidates before they are interviewed, helping narrow down the interview pool to only those candidates who fit the criteria. AI can also contribute to HR by driving learning and development. Learning can be personalised and categorised by employee interest. AI is also very useful in helping to write job descriptions and KPIs for certain roles. Lastly, AI can analyse insights into HR data and provide robust and compelling views on where a business is now, to help decision makers plan for what comes next.

Public Speaking 

Every business leader needs to invest in public speaking – communication, after all, is vital in the professional realm. AI can help with speech writing, speech coaching, presentation designs and real-time translations and, in the future, will also be able to analyse a recording of a speech and offer feedback on how to improve future presentations.

Legal Services

AI offers huge benefits to legal services in businesses. AI can analyse and write legal contracts at great speed, fact-checking and putting in place frameworks that reduce costs. Legal research is also an area where AI can benefit business. The more one feeds the AI the right kind of valid, reviewed and correct information, the more useful it becomes. Businesses and individuals can feed legal templates to AI and have documents automated for future use, helping make the AI smarter, along the way.

Personal Assistant

This is where AI becomes really powerful to both individuals and businesses. AI can act as an always-on personal assistant and can keep learning and learning how you would like it to serve you best. Right now, it can help with scheduling, email management, task management, information retrieval and personalisation – with plenty more to come.

The reality is that AI is making a significant impact on various industries by increasing efficiency, accuracy and productivity, while reducing costs. From customer service to finance, AI is transforming the way individuals and businesses operate and has the potential to revolutionise the industry even further in the future.*

*This conclusion was written by AI in 5 seconds after analysing the author’s writing style. The rest was written originally by the author.