Beyond Silicon Valley: How African Tech Giants are Leading the Way

Sentech Africa Tech Week aims to unshackle innovation to allow big ideas and smart solutions to sweep across the continent.

How can Africa shape its own future in the era of digital transformation? This is the question that drives Sentech Africa Tech Week, a four-day event that showcases the innovation happening on the continent and the opportunities available in the fourth industrial revolution (4IR).

From 2-5 May 2023, Cape Town will host more than 300 leaders from various sectors – including business, government, academia and civil society – who will share their insights and experiences on how to leverage technology for social and economic development. The event will also feature live demonstrations of cutting-edge solutions and platforms that are transforming Africa’s industries and communities.

In 2023 it’s time to unleash Africa’s tech giants to transform our landscape into a digital utopia that is accessible and offers real world solutions to a unique set of problems.

“The conference is a nod to the promise in an African business – both big and small ones,” explains Ralf Fletcher, Topco Media CEO. “Africa Tech Week has always been a bridge that connects growing companies to the learnings they’d need as a prefix for improved innovation. However, it is now quintessential – attracting the entrepreneur wanting to sneak out from worn-out systems and revolutionise their sectors.”

South Africa’s Minister of Communications and Digital Technologies, Mondli Gungubele, will be sharing the government’s thoughts behind its policymaking, with his predecessor, and now Minister in the Presidency, Khumbudzo Ntshavheni, speaking at the Sentech Africa Tech Week Awards. They will be joined by Billionaire Dr Patrick Soon-Shiong, who will set the tone for a conference that examines the full spectrum of tech involvement on the African continent.

Panel discussions and other keynotes will focus on the key topics like the continental collaboration between African tech incubators and innovators, regulation keeping pace with innovation and how gaming is driving the continent’s digital economy.

The future of Africa depends on how well we can connect and empower our people with digital services. Sentech, the event’s headline sponsor, is dedicated to building the infrastructure and access that will make this possible. They are not just providing technology, they are creating opportunities and transforming lives. “Sentech Africa Tech Week resonates with our culture of innovative value creation, and commitment to ensuring access to content and connectivity. As we evolve into “a global leader in digital infrastructure, enabling connectivity and content delivery,” says Sentech CEO Mlamli Booi.

“We want the continent to be part of and benefit from that transformation,” he adds. “We look forward to this gathering of tech minds and showcasing Sentech’s capability in creating digitally connected communities.”

Emerging from the backdrop of SONA 2023 the question of what the public sector’s role in the digital economy is will be addressed with Mactar Seck from the United Nation Economic Commission for Africa and Joseph Ndaba from the Presidential Commission on the Fourth Industrial Commission unpacking what continental collaboration towards socio-economic solutions looks like in 2023.

Day two discussions will focus on the future of artificial intelligence and how the continent is contributing to shaping that future, with Susan Oh, Taiwanese Tech Expert and Founder of Copia Global, lending her voice to an exciting fireside chat alongside Microsoft’s Data and AI Director, Ayanda Ngcebetsha.

Each day of Sentech Africa Tech Week 2023 offers a full buffet of exploration and discussions to satisfy Africa’s hunger for innovation.

“Africa Tech Week is to geeks what a candy store is to kids – a sugar rush of everything we love,” shares science and tech journalist and broadcaster, Bobby Brown. “Moderating last year’s event, I found every moment to be pure satisfaction and crammed with insightful information.”

“The networking opportunities are on a level of its own, as you get to meet people who are working on things you didn’t even know were being done locally,” he adds.

The full programme can be accessed here along with all the ticketing information to discuss, collaborate and play your part in Africa’s tech revolution.