The Association of African Exhibition Organisers Welcomes Joeri Van den Bergh as Guest Speaker for Lunch & Learn Series

World-renowned expert, Joeri Van Den Bergh, to provide insight on the GenZ generation for markets, whilst highlighting the differences with Y and X generations. 

Recognising the immense value of continuous learning and professional development for event organisers, the Association of African Exhibition Organisers  (AAXO) launched their members-exclusive Lunch & Learn series in late 2022, designed to enhance members’ understanding and upskill them on a wide range of topics relevant to the events industry.

With a total of eight sessions hosted since inception, over 300+ registrations and covering topics ranging from Writing Winning Event Proposals, Metaverse Marketing, The Power of PR, Putting Confidence Back in Your Sales Performance, How to Use TikTok, and Managing Stress, the AAXO Lunch & Learn series has received positive feedback from the events’ community in providing them with industry-relevant information and education.

The next Lunch & Learn session, scheduled for 15 June 2023, will see globally-acclaimed authority on the topic of GenZ marketing, Joeri Van Den Bergh from Human8, guide attendees in gaining a deeper understanding of the desires and preferences of this generation, empowering them to effectively meet their needs.

“We are thrilled to have the esteemed Joeri Van den Bergh join us as a guest speaker, bringing immense value to our members. His expertise will not only empower them in achieving their marketing goals but also contribute to their long-term success and longevity in the industry,” says Devi Paulsen-Abbott, Chairperson of AAXO.

Joeri Van den Bergh is Co-Founder, Partner and Future Consumer Expert at Human8 (formerly known as InSites Consulting), a global research agency with 24 offices worldwide. He has extensive experience of all aspects of marketing to teens and young adults. His clients include global customers such as eBay, Coca-Cola, Spotify, Danone, Red Bull, IKEA, Heineken, Converse, Nestlé, AXA and Unilever for whom he has provided research and advice on how to target the youth market.

He is an AMA (American Marketing Association Best Book) awarded global thought leader and marketing author on the impact of NextGen on marketing, business and on consumer trends. As a Marketing Professor at 1 of Europe’s leading business schools (Vlerick), Joeri is continuously updating his insights and foresights on NextGen consumer behavior in a fast-changing world.

Understanding the significance of the GenZ generation (or digital natives), which surpasses even millennials in size, is pivotal for MICE marketers. As GenZ enters adulthood and becomes the primary consumer group with significant spending power, establishing brand loyalty and engaging with them early on can yield long-lasting customer relationships and heightened lifetime value.

To effectively engage GenZ attendees, the MICE industry needs to embrace digital transformation, leverage social media platforms, and create personalised and interactive experiences. By understanding and catering to the unique needs, preferences, and values of GenZ, the industry can seize opportunities for innovation, growth, and long-term success in a rapidly changing market.

“AAXO is dedicated to facilitating the growth and advancement of its members through comprehensive training and development programs that address crucial matters and subjects relevant to their roles. Our events professionals, spanning various sectors, prioritise awareness, education, and sales as key areas of focus. By collaborating with industry experts, we will continue to provide impactful content aimed at equipping our members with the necessary knowledge for success,” concludes Paulsen-Abbott.

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