Waste derived alternative fuels allowing massive CO2 emissions savings

Using waste derived fuels in major energy consuming industries is essential to bring down the CO2 emissions, and advancing toward circularity means including fossil fuel replacements into any industrial process going forward. Dutch based N+P Group, a pioneer in the development of concepts to utilize non-recyclable waste streams as alternative fuels or alternative raw materials is joining CarbonZero Global Conference & Exhibition 2023 (October 26-27, Lyon, France) and sharing expertise on waste as fuel in the path to NetZero.

Lars Jennissen – Chief Development Officer N+P Group is the eldest of three sons who have been working in the family business of the N+P Group since 2010. During this period, Lars developed a technical interest in the production and application of waste derived alternative fuels. Since the start of N+P’s Subcoal in 2012, his development spirit has led to many new developments and opportunities in the alternative fuels business. Having visited, and worked with, a number of large industries across the world like cement, lime, steel and power, Lars is utilizing his experience and knowledge in the role of Chief Development Officer to continuously improve fuel quality and handling properties. Based on his knowledge, experience and enthusiasm, Lars regularly gives presentations about the world of waste derived fuels.

“N+P have successfully pioneered the utilization of waste derived alternative fuels in various industrial processes allowing massive CO2 emissions savings. Our strong focus on understanding process where our fuels are utilized made us continuously develop our fuels. We look forward to share some of our insights with other captains of industry and the CarbonZero event is the perfect place for that!” Lars Jennissen, Chief Development Officer N+P Group.

We are thrilled to bring a strong player that covers an essential part of how we can reduce emissions.” Mariana Gheorghe, Program and Marketing Manager, Industry Link.


N+P’s developments are heavily focused around bridging waste to value, reducing the necessity to landfill materials but upgrading them into high quality alternatives for fossil based commodities.

In the transition from a linear waste management model to a circular economy and closed-loop recycling systems, N+P develops Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) which play an integral role in recovering high-quality recyclates that replace primary resources and fossil fuels. N+P have multiple offices and production locations in Europe, with a turnover of approx. 275 million per annum. More information can be found on its website at www.npgroup.com

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