Ken Sharpe’s Vision: Paving the Way for Zimbabwe’s Economic Renaissance

Ken Sharpe’s achievements as a visionary CEO extend far beyond the awards and accolades he has earned.

At the heart of his journey lies a deep commitment to Zimbabwe’s economic renaissance. As the CEO of WestProp, Sharpe is leading the charge in transforming the nation’s landscape and promoting sustainable development.

We sat down with Mr Sharpe where he shared his vision for Zimbabwe’s economic resurgence and how his innovative strategies are propelling the country forward.

For Sharpe, the recent recognition as Africa’s Most Innovative CEO and the Best African Organization of the Year at the African Achievers Awards is not just a personal triumph but an opportunity to showcase the potential of Zimbabwe.

“These awards are really about us as a people because Zimbabweans have been recognized in a lot of different forums and have been given awards and celebrated,” he emphasizes.

He sees himself as a representative of Zimbabwe and envisions the awards as a platform to shed light on the country’s talents and capabilities.

Reflecting on his vision for Zimbabwe’s economic renaissance, Sharpe shares, “My plans for Africa start with where I am in Africa, which is Zimbabwe, in the heart of Africa, with the last country on the list of countries alphabetically, but I want it to be the first country in Africa.

And if we can make enough light shine from Zimbabwe, the rest of Africa will see it and follow.”

Sharpe’s visionary approach is rooted in his positive attitude and his belief in seizing opportunities even in challenging circumstances.

“You have to see the opportunity. And to do that, you have to believe that really the glass is always half full,” he asserts.

He encourages Zimbabweans to embrace innovation and adopt emerging technologies like AI to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving world. “In Africa, it’s the unexpected that will take us to the next level, and we must come up with some ideas that are unexpected.”

When asked about the significance of the theme at the Africa Achievers Awards, “Unlocking Trade and Investment Opportunities for Sustainable Development in Africa,” Sharpe’s passion for sustainability shines through.

“It couldn’t be better timing for me because I’m looking at sustainable development in Africa. I’m looking at creating lifestyle communities where people can live, work, shop, and play,” he explains.

Sharpe’s commitment to excellence extends to WestProp’s operations, where he fosters a high-performance culture driven by executing goals with excellence.

He believes in leading by example and urges other Zimbabweans to take ownership of their surroundings and strive for excellence in their endeavours.

“My message is to take ownership. Take ownership of your house. Take ownership of the direct area around your house, even if it belongs to the city council, clean it up, fix it, make it look beautiful, both your house and the area right around your house, and then take ownership of your street, and of your city, and of your country, and make it better than what it is.”

Ken Sharpe’s vision for Zimbabwe’s economic renaissance is built on a foundation of innovation, sustainability, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Through his transformative strategies at WestProp, he is creating a blueprint for Zimbabwe’s growth and inspiring the nation to embrace a brighter future.

By Kudzai Mukuku