Unlocking the Future: South Africa – Swiss Blockchain Innovation Challenge

A New Horizon for Innovation: South Africa is on the cusp of a transformational journey as digital innovation surmounts barriers and blockchain technology opens up new frontiers. The Blockchain Innovation Challenge, a landmark event characterized by collaboration and visionary thinking, transcends the bounds of a conventional competition and emerges as a catalyst for change in a region ripe with untapped potential. 

The SA Innovation Summit proudly presents the Blockchain Innovation Challenge. As ChatGPT disrupted the tech world, blockchain technology now stands poised as the next disruptor. This pioneering competition is a part of a holistic collaboration encompassing Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Education, Economy, Dialogue, and Networks, all aimed at exploring blockchain’s potential to become the next frontier in African innovation, setting a new standard in the African tech ecosystem.

The challenge spans over a 5-month period, bringing together 5 Swiss and 5 South African startups in the blockchain and impact innovation sectors. Leveraging the achievements of initiatives such as the Algorand-UCT Financial Innovation Hub and the far-reaching influence of the Swiss Crypto Valley, the challenge seeks to fuel innovation through joint blockchain projects, empowering visionaries and startups to create a more secure, transparent, and global ecosystem.

Participants will undergo a series of masterclasses hosted by SEIF and an investment readiness programme by the SA Innovation Summit, culminating in a joint week in Cape Town during the SA Innovation Summit in September 2023. There, they will present their groundbreaking innovations and partake in a curated ecosystem tour, reflecting the collaborative spirit that has elevated Switzerland to a global leadership position in blockchain technology.

“This collaboration with the South Africa- Swiss Blockchain Innovation Challenge perfectly aligns with our mission at the University of Cape Town Financial Innovation Hub. By nurturing cutting-edge research and empowering innovative start-ups, we are determined to address Africa’s challenges. Together, we’ll unlock the potential of blockchain technology, drive transformative solutions, and create a brighter digital future for the continent.” – Anda Ngcaba, Co-Director, University of Cape Town Financial Innovation Hub.

The programme stands as a joint initiative by the Embassy of Switzerland, CV VC, Technology Innovation Agency (TIA), Winetech, Algorand, University of Basel, and the University of Cape Town Fintech Hub, implemented by the SA Innovation Summit and SEIF-Driving Impact Innovation.

Key Benefits:

  • Comprehensive entrepreneurial support through masterclasses, mentorship and training.
  • A pitch battle at the SAIS’23.
  • Integration into a thriving ecosystem that has created over 6,000 jobs in Switzerland and fostered innovation in South Africa.
  • An enriching ecosystem Tour to Switzerland
  • Investment offers from partner funders

*Terms and conditions apply

“The Swiss Embassy is honored to be part of the Blockchain Innovation Challenge, a symbol of our ongoing collaboration with South Africa in the field of technology and innovation. This challenge not only fosters creativity and growth but also strengthens the ties between our two nations, leveraging blockchain’s potential to create a more secure and transparent global ecosystem.” – Swiss Embassy

SA Innovation Summit has always been committed to delivering excellence and pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation. This partnership and challenge are a testament to our ongoing dedication to meeting the evolving needs of the African tech ecosystem. Building on the success of projects like the InCube Challenge and the blockchain ecosystem created by the University of Johannesburg, we firmly believe that the Blockchain Innovation Challenge will empower visionaries and startups to achieve milestones that address the evolving needs of the African tech ecosystem.

“The Blockchain Innovation Challenge aligns perfectly with TIA’s mission to foster scalable, impactful innovation in South Africa. We’re proud to support this initiative, recognizing blockchain’s potential to drive growth and fulfil our nation’s development goals.” – Thabang Mpye, Technology Innovation Agency (TIA)

Entrepreneurs are encouraged to mark their calendars: The deadline for applications is 18 August 2023. We invite you embark on this transformative journey, where innovation meets opportunity, propelling the future of blockchain in South Africa towards a giant leap forward. This journey is underpinned by a rich history of collaboration, success, and a shared vision for a more connected and innovative continent.

Join us in shaping the future of technology and be a part of this momentous Blockchain Innovation Challenge. To apply, read here.