Xion Global bridges the gap between blockchain and traditional financial systems with G+D’s Filia solution

Xion Global uses technology from Giesecke+Devrient (G+D) for an innovative holistic financial solution. By combining it’s web3 multi-chain payments infrastructure and G+D’s CBDC solution Filia for interbank deposit token transfer, Xion is creating a seamless financial ecosystem for digital asses as well as public currencies. Xion will provide customized solutions for the Asia Pacific (APAC) and Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) regions.

The Proof of Concept (POC) of Xion serves as a cornerstone for the new financial architecture. Leveraging the infrastructures of both companies, this solution enables instant transactions across a variety of blockchain networks and traditional financial channels. Designed for seamless integration with existing financial platforms, the solution offers scalability and customization to meet the nuanced needs of financial service providers. It optimizes their operational efficiency, enhances the user experience and ensures the protection of sensitive financial data through multiple layers of security protocols.

The initiative of Xion targets the APAC and EMEA regions and is particularly geared towards meeting the financial needs of both individual and institutional clients. Pilot programs are under active development to deliver inclusive, efficient, and secure financial services that address the unique characteristics of these diverse markets. The future roadmap also includes the integration of offline payment capabilities. This feature will facilitate transactions using deposit tokens and smart cards without the necessity for internet connectivity, thereby democratizing access to financial services.

“In the fast-paced landscape of digital transformation, Xion Global and G+D are at the forefront of a financial paradigm shift,” explains Aeryn Quarmby, COO at Xion Global. “Our approach aims to combine the robustness of traditional financial systems with cutting-edge fintech solutions, targeting a range of financial service providers and stakeholders across diverse markets.”

“We very much welcome the initiative of Xion Global. It once again demonstrates one of the key strengths of our Filia infrastructure: its interoperability,” adds Raoul Herborg, Managing Director Digital Currencies at G+D. “It can flexibly interoperate with existing and new systems, enabling private sector players to integrate public digital currencies and develop new applications and innovations.”