With Huawei Digital Power solutions, the Northern Africa region is expanding its activities to addresses the challenges of energy transition across the continent

[Shenzhen, China, December 5th, 2023] Huawei announces the appointment of Philippe Wang as the new President Digital Power for Huawei Northern Africa (North, West and Central Africa). This strategic move aligns with the company’s accelerated commitment to developing energy efficiency optimization solutions for the continent while supporting its green transition. Philippe Wang, remaining Executive Vice-President, Huawei Northern Africa, will lead the Digital Power division at a pivotal moment for global energy and climate discussions, coinciding with the opening of COP28 in Dubai on November 30.

Founded in June 2021, Huawei Digital Power has expanded its portfolio to include Smart PV, Data Center Facility, Site Power Facility, FusionCharge, and DriveONE. These solutions leverage digital technologies and power electronics to generate clean energy and drive the digitalization of energy systems, contributing to the green revolution for a more sustainable future.

As of the end of June 2023, Huawei Digital Power has assisted clients in producing 845.5 billion kWh of green energy, saving 35.5 billion kWh of electricity, and reducing CO2 emissions by 400 million tons. This is equivalent to planting 540 million trees (based on data from the North Carolina State University on relation between greenhouse gas emission and quantities of trees). The subsidiary operates 12 R&D centers globally, with over 1,700 patents by the end of 2022, and approximately 10,000 employees, 60% of whom are dedicated to R&D, serving over 3 billion people in more than 170 countries and regions.

Philippe Wang joined the Huawei Group in 2009 and has successively held the various positions of Key Account Director of Orange France, Managing Director of several countries (Togo, Benin, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea), then Executive Vice-President of the West-African region. Since October 2018, he has been Executive Vice-President of Huawei Northern Africa (North, West & Central Africa), then President Digital Power of the region since July 2023.

With nearly 7 years of experience in Africa, Philippe Wang will continue to bring his expertise in digital transformation to drive the energy revolution on the continent. In the face of the dual challenge of increasing energy access and reducing fossil fuels, Africa stands poised with colossal green energy potential coupled with a continually expanding digital dynamic. “Africa has immense green energy potential and a significant and growing digital momentum. It is a great pride to contribute to consolidating Huawei Digital Power’s commitment to building a more connected, intelligent, and sustainable future. Together with our partners and clients, I envision writing a new chapter for the energy and digital economy, promoting the fusion of these two sectors for green growth.” declares Philippe Wang.