BCX Releases Digital Innovation Index Report 2023. Offering Strategic Insights for South African Businesses

BCX, a leading technology company, in collaboration with EY-Parthenon, has unveiled the much-anticipated BCX Digital Innovation Index Report 2023. This comprehensive report aims to guide businesses by evaluating their innovation strategies and shedding light on the dynamic landscape of digital transformation in South Africa.

Jan Bouwer, Chief Solutions Officer, and Innovation Sponsor at BCX expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with EY-Parthenon, saying, “Digital technologies are growing exponentially, and as leaders, we need to understand the innovation landscape to ensure our businesses are future-fit for growth and sustainability. Encouraging our organisations to think creatively about harnessing the power of technology is essential if we are to grow our businesses and the economy.”

The BCX Digital Innovation Index Report evaluated 42 organisations in South Africa across five distinct business elements, referred to as ‘building blocks’, providing an understanding of their digital and innovation initiatives. The report interviewed c-suite or senior employees with a deep understanding of their company’s innovation strategies, contributing valuable insights into the current state of digital innovation.

In the report, organisations in South Africa are classified into four categories based on their innovation approaches and stages of development, these categories include: ‘Excellent,’ ‘Maturing,’ ‘Emergent,’ and ‘Nascent.’ Each category represents different approaches and stages of development in pursuing innovation.

The report further identifies various factors impacting innovation across sectors, including partnerships, talent availability, investment climate, and the regulatory landscape. External drivers enabling innovation include changing consumer behaviours, emerging technologies, and shareholder demands. On the other hand, internal factors inhibiting innovation are also explored, revealing insights into risk aversion and attitudes toward failure within organisations.

“Digital innovation, as highlighted in the report, occurs at the convergence of business, data, and technology. The emergence of transformative technologies such as machine learning, augmented reality, and cloud computing is reshaping the market, creating both challenges and opportunities for businesses.” Says Heather Orton, Head of Strategy and Innovation Africa, at EY-Parthenon.

The BCX Digital Innovation Index emphasises the need for businesses, regardless of size, to engage with the insights presented and recalibrate their strategies to embrace the dynamic landscape with resolve and agility. This report is a crucial tool for businesses navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape in South Africa. It provides a benchmark for major organisations, guiding them in refining their innovation strategies to tackle challenges and leverage opportunities within the local context.

“By focusing on the ‘building blocks’ of Innovation Excellence and examining the interplay between internal and external drivers, the report aims to empower organisations to chart a course towards innovation excellence,” concludes Bouwer.

The report further articulates the importance of action, urging businesses to absorb and act on the guidance offered to contribute to building a resilient and vibrant economy for South Africa. Link to the report https://www.bcx.co.za/digitalindex/