Why Is It Crucial to Invest in Good UI Design?

It is the year 2024 and users expect every website or app to have a good user interface. The user interface is one of those things that makes a product easy to use and pleasing to use. A good interface can make all the difference in the world and compel users to continue using the product for a longer period. Bad user interface, on the other hand, will not only lead to a poor user experience but will also make users want to leave the product as soon as possible.

Good UI design conveys a message of professionalism, improves readability, and makes the whole experience enjoyable for users. Therefore, it is important to invest in a good UI design right from the start. Below we have mentioned a few reasons why it is crucial to invest in good UI design right from the start.

Attracts New Customers

The first reason why you should invest in a good UI design is that it attracts more customers and leads to the acquisition of new customers. A well-designed user interface that is both modern and mass-appealing contributes to a positive user experience and TP-Link admin web UI is a typical example of a well-designed UI. A well-designed UI gives you a huge advantage over your competitors because it helps you attract more people to your brand.

The business landscape has already become highly competitive and other businesses are trying to lure in the same audience as you, and a good interface can certainly help your business stand out by making your business pop out and helping users with navigation.

Lower the Expenses of Customer Support

When users face a problem with the website’s or app’s functionality or they cannot find something that they are looking for then they will either seek support or leave. In such cases where users encounter a problem, a good UI design can reduce bounce and prevent users from leaving the website. When users do face a problem, they will most likely consider seeking support instead of leaving because of how everything is well-organized and designed on your website. Plus, a functional and well-designed interface can eliminate many errors, undesirable actions, and problems that users face.


Most people think that investing a huge sum of money in the UI right from the start is not a good decision but what they don’t know is that having a well-designed, user-friendly, and straightforward interface right from the start helps to avoid problems in the future. Yes, investing in a good UI design right from the start can be expensive but it helps to avoid future problems like modifying the design to make the website more functional, removing or adding unnecessary features, and resolving navigation errors.

In the long run, investing in a functional, responsive, and good UI design is always cost-effective as it requires fewer fixes and there are no additional costs associated, resulting in saved time, effort, and resources.

Increases Customer Satisfaction

Being able to use the website just fine, access all the features, use all the functions, visit all the pages including the router setup page, and navigate seamlessly without any problem definitely increases user satisfaction and these are the things that a good UI promises. Whether users need to navigate around the app or website or look for a particular feature, a good UI makes it all happen and this ultimately leads to increased customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, which is what most companies are after these days.

Boosts Customer Engagement and Retention

Lastly, a good UI also boosts customer engagement and retention. One of the qualities of a good UI design is that it is highly engaging and forces users to engage with the website or app. When customer engagement increases, it not only helps to retain existing customers but also attracts new customers. A good and simplified UI makes everything simple for users, which compels them to continue their digital experience, leading to high customer retention and lower bounce rates.

By Bishal Biswas