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Is FxPro a Reliable Forex Broker? Our Review Reveals the Pros and Cons

The U.K.-based Forex broker FxPro has been operating in the Contracts for Difference and Spread Betting markets since 2006. Today, the firm serves customers with more than 1,866,000 accounts in 173 countries, and its Tier 1 capital stands at €100 million.  FxPro claims widespread recognition as a dependable broker. Several agencies including the FCA, CySEC, […]

How much profit potential exists in forex trading?

Many individual traders want quick returns on the foreign exchange market. However, according to statistics, most ambitious forex traders fail, and some lose substantial sums of money. Despite 70% to 90% of retail traders failing, forex can be successful, but timelines must be considered. It is often simpler to remain successful over numerous years if […]

Accelerating Digital Inclusion and Sustainable Transformation

The 7th Edition Connected Banking Summit – East Africa will be held on the 7th of March in Nairobi, Kenya The Connected Banking Series focuses on building future-oriented banking models by accelerating the pace of digital transformation and delivering a delightful customer experience in line with policy and regulations while ensuring the highest standards of […]

Segregated Accounts and Forex Bonuses – Khwezi Trade has it all

The financial markets nowadays feature hundreds, if not thousands, of forex brokers who are trying to attract more beginner traders by providing outrageous offers and benefits. Traders who have been trading for a while already have it ingrained into them that they should never deal with unregulated brokers. The reason for this is extremely simple; […]

Should PayPal be concerned about your country’s central bank?

Most governments may have no option but to join the digital currency bandwagon. With the introduction of digital currencies from central banks, the world of money is poised to enter a new era. Is it going to be a paradise of financial inclusiveness or a dystopia of financial instability? What if the project turns out […]

How to get started with trading in South Africa?

The foreign currency market may be speculated on legally and profitably in South Africa via the use of forex trading.  Predicting price changes in currency pairings may be lucrative for South African Forex traders. The volatility of the foreign exchange market enables certain traders to make huge gains, with some even making millions of dollars. […]

South Africans Are Moving To Forex Trading As A New Source Of Income

Forex (foreign exchange) is undoubtedly something you’ve heard or read about, which shows how widespread its use has become. However, there are a large number of people who are curious but do not have a thorough grasp of how the South African financial market operates or just do not know where to begin. As commodities, […]

5 Best FSCA Forex Brokers in South Africa

Overview The Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) is the regulatory body in South Africa that oversees a variety of financial activities, including the provision of online trading solutions and services. It is a reputable and strict entity. Amidst the list of brokers that have applied for regulation through the FSCA, the following five have been […]

The Best way to Invest in S&P500, the Global Information Technology Index

The global stock market remains a fast-growing entity, and one that boasts a cumulative value of $85 trillion. In total, the world’s equity market has since its total capitalisation increased by 320% since 2009, as online and digital trading has become increasingly popular. Interestingly, the stock market is also home to some popular and insightful […]

Bitcoin Meets Africa – The GOOD & The BAD

When Satoshi Nakamoto introduced Bitcoin to the world in 2009, he had a vision that it will change the way people manage money. Over 10 years later, Bitcoin is indeed changing the way people manage money. The use of the cryptocurrency keeps increasing year after year. For the Africa continent, it is no different, although […]

Why is the fintech industry flourishing in Africa in 2020?

South Africa is moving very fast in the direction of the FinTech industry. The country is very determined not to be behind the whole show. They are also relaxing the regulations in order to help the flourishing of the FinTech industry. How South African FinTech development is transforming the foreign exchange landscape In South Africa, […]

Why FX trading volumes in Africa more than quadrupled in the last 6 months

In the past year, during the coronavirus spread on a global scale, there were not many fields that were expanding their profits. Most of the businesses were let down by all the new conditions of the working schedule, but the Forex market was the exception. There has been a substantial surge in Forex trading, especially […]

Nigeria needs to start preparing for an oil-less economy

Nigeria is the second country in Africa with a big economy. Globally it is the 22nd country by the number of finances. With this flow of the growing economy, Nigeria can be in the top 10 countries in 2050. To achieve this kind of stability, this country needs to diversify its economy from its dependence […]

Why the FSCA is the Best Financial Regulator in Africa

The FSCA stands for Financial Service Conduct Authority. It is the South African governmental agency, which regulates financial institutions. According to its official website, FSCA also aims to protect the customers of financial services from unfair treatment. This is not surprising after all nearly every country has agencies that regulate financial institutions. However, there are […]

What You Need to Know about the Algo Trading Scheme

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Algorithmic trading uses algorithms predicated on processes and regulations to utilize trading systems. It has risen considerably since the early 1980s and used for a multitude of reasons by market participants and massive trading companies. Algorithms are primarily used by institutional investors and large brokerage companies to reduce trading expenses. Algorithmic trading is particularly advantageous for big […]

How to Start Trading Forex in South Africa

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The forex trading market is an international, decentralized financial market whereby one currency is exchanged for another. It is the most liquid market on the planet. People and business entities can purchase an amount of one currency and pay for it with an amount of another. So a company in South Africa can import products […]

Top 5 African Country to Invest In 2019


Stability and consistency of foundations, a free press, and a straightforward Constitution and government give many countries of Africa a bit of advantage over many developing nations in attracting investment. However, those countries have to bring more improvement in their system to totally stamp out corruption. Despite challenges like infrastructure shortages, political instability, and health […]

How to Stop Losses Could Save You From Yourself

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Talking about stop losses is one of those less popular subjects. No one likes to dwell on trades that are going south! But, statistically speaking, around 40% of the trades that successful traders make are not going to work out. Even among unsuccessful forex traders, usually, their issue is that their losing trades are bigger […]

What do Banks Need to Know About Virtual Currencies Right Now?

The time has come for banks to decide if they will be leaders or followers in Virtual Currencies. To help them take the first steps in creating their own strategic approach, Mobey Forum’s Executive Director, Elina Mattila, explores some of the most important and influential developments that banks need to know about the industry today. Outside of the main […]