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Fintech’s transformative potential: Empower customers through self-education

The most powerful thing a fintech can do is enable its customers to educate themselves. Mukuru, a leading next-generation financial services provider, started out as a remittance company but has evolved into a platform with a suite of different financial products and services. Mukuru CEO, Andy Jury, says that formalised financial education obviously plays a crucial role in a fintech’s business, but customers that trust and repeatedly use a new product or service, such as a digital store of money, go through a natural learning process and are then more comfortable being exposed to more sophisticated products.

African finance heavyweights slated to make an appearance at The Africa Financial Industry Summit

Organised in partnership with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the inaugural Africa Financial Industry Summit will be held online this coming 10 and 11 March and gather the most influential voices and institutions in African finance. The Africa Financial Industry Summit’s extensive list of speakers includes executives from the largest banks and insurance companies operating […]