Announcing the Launch of Innovative Computer Software for the Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Tehuty 1.0


Revolutionary new computer software is reviving the past for Egyptologists, students, artists, designers and schools and bringing the language of ancient Egypt into a new era.

London, United Kingdom, October 24, 2012 –(– The Tehuty 1.0 software is the result of 23 years’ painstaking work by Dr. Ramses Seleem, Principal of Sia Academy for Ancient Egyptian Studies in London, who is an author and teacher of the ancient Egyptian body of knowledge. Dr. Seleem has taught and lectured in many countries around the world, including the USA, Australia, South Africa and Holland. He has also written many books on all aspects of the ancient Egyptian culture, including ‘The Illustrated Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead’ (pub. Godsfield Press, 2001) and ‘The Egyptian Book of Life’ (pub. Watkins, 2004).

Suitable for computer users of all ages and abilities, Tehuty 1.0 includes full word-processing software but also contains totally unique features, enabling you to type in both English and Egyptian, change Egyptian text to face left or right or write vertically instead of horizontally, all at the touch of a button. It teaches you how to write the Egyptian alphabet, explains the rules of the Egyptian grammar and contains full English-Egyptian and Egyptian-English dictionaries, in addition to a Talking Dictionary, which demonstrates the correct pronunciation of some common words and phrases.

Full details of the software can be obtained by visiting:


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