Newly-formed road remediation company, Quikfix Holdings Limited, is targeting Africa with its instant road repair service.

The UK-based company, which was founded only in August this year, has already incorporated a subsidiary business in Sierra Leone in view of securing a five year contract with the government to carry out nationwide repairs to the numerous potholes which blight the country’s economic development.

Quikfix has identified similar problems in many other African countries and is currently introducing its turnkey supply and repair service to highway authorities throughout West Africa.

Quikfix is licensed to manufacture Instarmac’s Emcol cold-mix technology which provides an instant, permanent repair without the need for heating or road closures.

The company plans to invest around US$1million in building a factory in each country and employing and training local personnel.

“Africa is a rapidly developing continent with an urgent need to improve and maintain its extensive road network”, explains Quikfix Executive Director, Philip Deighton, adding “Quikfix delivers an advanced instant road repair system which is fast, permanent and inexpensive”.

Although concentrating on Africa initially, Quikfix Holdings is also interested in talking with other national, state or municipal authorities about the provision of its services.

Source:  Quikfix Holdings Limited

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