Omo Park a Place of Wild Adventure

Omo Valley is one of the most stunning national parks in Ethiopia, found on the west bank of the Omo River which flows southwards into Lake Turkana. The Omo River falls through a steep valley creating magnificent waterfall. The volume of the river increases between June and October portraying a spectacular sight. The massive several hot springs takes you to an adventure of natural healing experience. The valley also offers the best river adventures, rapids, canyons, creeks and exotic wildlife. There is also the historical museum & research center which create an access to ancient treasures and scripts. It remained as the northern hotspot since 1966.

The people from the Omo Valley are mostly nomadic pastoralists with their own language and unique lifestyle. Their public ceremonies, dances, traditional leather clothings can give anyone an exceptional and unforgettable adventure. The southern and south-western regions also have quite a lot of national parks with numerous endemic species of animals. In such parks, a rare access could be granted to see animals up-close.

Omo Valley is undoubtedly one of the most unique places on earth because of the variety of traditional people and animals. The region is known for its culture and diversity. The tribes that live in the lower Omo Valley are among the most fascinating cultural people on the continent of Africa. Arbore, Ari, Bena, Bodi, Bumi, Daasanech, Dorze, Hamer, Kara, Konso, Kwegu, Mursi, Tsemay, and Turkana practice a tradition and a religion exclusive to the place.

The Omo park is nothing short of a wildlife sanctuary allowing a closeup view of buffalos, cheetahs, monkeys, crocodiles, lions and zebras among others. There are also over 300 species of birds flying around the park creating amazing opportunities for bird watching.

The major trekking and breathtaking landscapes include the Maji Mountain, the Sharum and Sai plains in the northwest and the Lilibai plains and Dirga Hills to the south. The Valley has several ancient anthropological which prove that human generation emerged from this place.

When to visit

The weather condition is sunny which makes it a visitor’s favorite and open all year round.

What to expect

The hospitality and politeness will make you feel at right at home Best time to visit is in the morning to avoid the afternoon sun.

How to travel within

Travel in the jungle is accompanied by armed guides to protect guests from the wild animals but visiting the town alone is perfectly safe.


There are many hotels and guest houses around Omo Valley offering affordable hotel rooms. These are available on which offers best negotiated price and guaranteed booking.

What to Wear

The place gets hot and warm at night, it’s good to pack light clothing and shoes.


Do not miss the weekly colourful markets. Its easier to find all local commodities including souvenirs and traditional clothing at very good prices.

Fun Fact

At night, you can see the traditional dancing of the Hamer tribe, known as evangadi. If you want to witness how far brave men go to marry the love of their life then you have come to the right place. A man has to go through a brave ritual of jumping over several cattles, bloody fighting with the strongest man in the community and hunting to prove to his bride and the community that he is the one. The scars remain a proof of his courage and strength earning him respect and a wife. This is enough to leave observers speechless!

Country code

+251 – SIM cards (2G, 3G, and 4G ) allow visitors to make local and international calls. The 3G and 4G SIM fast internet connections only work in Addis Ababa however it’s still possible to make calls outside of the capital city.

How to get there

The comfortable bus from Addis Ababa takes you all the way to Arbaminch and a boat takes you to the stunning Omo Valley.


Foreign currencies are accepted at all hotels and shops, you can calculate exchange rates from

Visa Requirement

US citizens are allowed to have visa upon arrival at Ethiopian airlines. Tourist visa is very easy to process and issued quickly. All visa application and requirements are available at

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By Eden Sahle

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