Entoto Jungle of Addis Ababa

Mount Entoto is the highest peak 3,200 meters high creating stunning top view of the capital city, Addis Ababa. The city is established below this remarkable peak, Addis Ababa is the highest capital city in Africa.

Mount Entoto is the best location to observe the stunning view of the entire capital city and its magnificent architecture. Former royal belongings are exhibited in the museum – there one can find the drum that announced the war in Adwa during the Ethio-Italian war and the ceremonial and traditional wardrobe of the royal family.

It is also a historical place where King Menelik II lived after he moved the Ethiopian capital city from Ankober to Addis Ababa. Entoto is a place of ancient history and handicrafts. Its easier to find hand-made cotton and freshly cultivated fruits and vegetables.

At the top of the rising slope of the Entoto mountain, there are churches most notably the Church of St. Mary. The architectural design and the inner wall paintings of the church are fascinating.  It is considered a sacred mountain because of the historical monasteries and churches.

The mountain is densely covered by greener trees that were imported from Australia during the kingdom of Menelik II. The place is referred as “lung of Addis Ababa” due to its unique fresh air. The forest is an important source of firewood and business of the villagers.

When to visit

The place is open all year long however visit is advised from September to May to enjoy the sun.

What to expect

People are very traditional and welcoming, it’s very common to be greeted by strangers who perceive visitors are their guests. The hills are steep and challenging for climbers.

How to travel within

Lone travel is safe. It’s very easy to explore the mountain without a guide.  Do not hesitate to visit individual houses for free treat of coffee and Ethiopian cuisine.


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The marketplace displays colorful woven cloths, traditional hats and a wide range of vegetables, fruits and spices.

Fun Fact

Horse or donkey rides to the hills give you a unique and adventurous experience.

Country code

+251 – Pre and post paid SIM cards (2G, 3G, and 4G) allow visitors to make local and international calls.


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Visa Requirement

Some countries citizens such as USA are allowed to have visa upon arrival however all visa application and requirements can be found at


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