Wonchi Paradise of Islands

The island paradise, Wonchi is found in South Western Shawa at an altitude of 3000 meter above sea level. Wonchi contains hot springs, waterfalls and breath-taking valleys  that raise the bar as your best and most affordable island vacation ever.

The Lake is surrounded by stunning landscape of green valley and wildlife. It’s possible to reach the ancient monasteries by ferries. It takes about an hour from the top of the hill to the lake side. However, there is an option to get a  horse ride up and the hills.

Wonchi Lake  is 560 hectares wide,  offering unforgettable adventures for divers. The lake’s depth ranges from 9 to 67.8 meters filled with fantastic water escapade. On the surrounding mountains, it’s common to spot monkeys, apes and gazelles. The natural hot springs believed to have healing powers are one of the great attractions of the place. Swimming in the crystal blue lake is not the only awesome activity Wonchi can offer, you can cruise and pitch your tents right on the naturally decorated garden beach.

When to Visit

The place is open all year long however it’s good to visit from January to May to enjoy the warm sun. The breathtaking scenery is frequented by locals and international visitors although it does not get crowded allowing a private moment out on the beach.

What to Expect

People are very friendly and welcoming.

How to travel within

Lone travel is safe. It’s very easy to explore the small town without a guide.


Wonchi has several hotels and resorts offering affordable price ranges and world-class hospitable services. It’s easy to access all the hotels and facilities on Jovago.com,  Ethiopia’s hotel booking portal to get best negotiated price with guaranteed booking.


The marketplace displays attractive traditionally designed clothings, scarfs and several souvenirs. It also includes a wide range of vegetables, fruits and spices.

Fun Fact

Horseback rides on the green gardens hills are one of the plenty specialities of the place.

Country code

+251 – Pre and postpaid SIM cards (2G, 3G, and 4G) allow visitors to make local and international calls. With post-paid SIM cards, it’s possible to make long distance calls without interruption. The 3G and 4G SIM internet connections only function in Addis Ababa it’s possible to make calls nonetheless.

How to get there

Drive to Ambo, located 125km west of the capital city Addis Ababa and then proceed to Mount Wenchi where you’ll hike up enjoying the wonderful views of the surrounding countryside.. Another more relaxing option is to stay overnight in Wolliso or Ambo. Do not forget to stop by at the magnificent Guder Falls.


Foreign currencies are accepted at all hotels daily exchange rates can be accessed at


Visa Requirement

Some country’s citizens such as USA are allowed to have visa upon arrival however all visa application and requirements can be found at


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