Ethiopia: The Fabulous Beaches of Langano

The stunning beach, Langano is 18 km long with depth of 46 meters 0ffering water sport adventures and refreshing swim. The surrounding resort’s spectacular landscape bids beachfront as well as a vast cliff-top breath-taking view over the lake. The admirable sunrise over the lakes brings warmth to your room. Whether you want to tan on a beach all day or enjoy the night away, there is an Ethiopian Langano beach to suit your every desire.

Unlike other ancient exclusive sites of Ethiopia, Langano is all beach. Spend the day laid out on the sand, taking daring dips into the massive waters and then head up to the beach resorts for a mouth-watering taste of Ethiopian and international dishes.

Although it’s popular among the local and international travellers it only gets crowded over the weekend allowing a private escape. The honeymoon destination with several resort and cottages spread over the tropical woodlands and impeccable service, it brings the ultimate adventure and picnic that forces a comeback visit.

While swimming and relaxing at the beach it’s common to spot hippos, monkeys, baboons, warthogs, and several types of birds. It is a brown sand beach popular for swimming and fishing. Escape to this fabulous, affordable beach resorts, where even the room rates and other expenses will put you at ease.

When to visit

The place is open and sunny all year long.  The admirable sub-tropical climate keeps families, couples, and young people coming back year after year to enjoy the breathtaking scenery and endless water adventures.

What to expect

People are very friendly and welcoming. It’s good to take precaution for Malaria although it’s rare the danger is available.

How to travel within

Lone travel is safe. It’s very easy to explore the town without a guide. People are accustomed to hosting foreigners who come from around the world helping visitors with directions and short cuts.


Langano has several hotels and resorts offering affordable price ranges and world-class hospitable services.  It’s easier to access all the hotels and facilities at to get best negotiated price with guaranteed booking.


The marketplace displays attractive cotton woven clothing’s and several souvenirs. It also includes a wide range of vegetables, fruits and spices.

Fun Fact

Playing with the monkeys who sit next to you while you enjoy the sun is exceptional. The monkeys are polite enough not to take your food and drinks unless it’s handed to them. Watching them enjoy bottled drinks and food from a plate is unforgettable experience.

Country code

+251 – Pre and postpaid SIM cards (2G, 3G, and 4G) allow visitors to make local and international calls. With post-paid SIM cards, it’s possible to make long distance calls without interruption. The 3G and 4G SIM internet connections only function in Addis Ababa it’s possible to make calls nonetheless.


Ethiopian Airlines airport construction is under going in Hawassa. However modern buses takes you to a comfortable ride all the way to Langano.


Foreign currencies are accepted at all hotels daily exchange rates can be accessed at

Visa Requirement

Some countries citizens such as USA are allowed to have visa upon arrival however all visa application and requirements can be found at

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