Why a Trip to Ethiopia is one that you never had anywhere


If you were to pick from your bucket list select Ethiopia as this country will take you to a true and luxuries adventure without breaking the bank. Jumia Travel have overhead information’s to show you how excited you can be in the land of Ethiopia which stayed true to its tradition and identity. From the unique culture to the mouthwatering yummy dishes to the incredible history and sights this part of East Africa for sure will raise your bar for greatness.

Ethiopia does not just have a little bit of everything rather it has everything abundantly you ever wish to experience and see. As Ethiopia has never been colonized it has been practicing its own culture and tradition for thousands of years. When you come to Ethiopia you see a culture and lifestyle that will make you fall for the country already making you plan your next trip here or working on how to settle for long for full adventure of each destinations.

It’s true that Ethiopia is nothing like you ever experienced in other parts of the world. From the natural habitats to the ever green forests and savanna lands you can either camp in the refreshing breath of the calming wind or you will just explore the wildlife daily activities in car or with your well trained guard who takes you to the safest daring adventure. The place is an exceptional last stop for the full experience of exciting escaped that you will treasure for life.

I mean how often do you get to see a man going through a ritual bull jumping wearing nothing in front of dozens of people, go on dangerous hunting mission and winning a battle with the strongest community just to win a heart of the love of his life. With no exaggeration no place in the world can give you such mind blowing experience.

Perhaps you have visited most parts of the world and you have satisfied and put your hands off from traveling; think again if you have not seen Ethiopia already.  The all-day warm sunshine, breathtaking sights and bites clearly you will experience beyond your expectations and what we are able to put on words for you.

Have you ever been to a place where they put your interest over themselves and treat you as very important and beautiful? For sure no place beats Ethiopia for this too. It’s a place where you will come knowing nobody but you leave making dozens of best friends and families who will work extra harder to make you comfortable making you experience happiness at its best.  Perhaps you came across people who came to Ethiopia but did not have a courage to leave the country behind fortunately they have experienced this and the endless adventure in the country. Maybe it’s time for you to take this exceptional voyage to Ethiopia to prove us right.

Do you love history? Ethiopia has beyond the 5th century treasures, phenomenal creations that will take you all the way back with amusement and admiration. Or you are just a person who admires nature? Here you go Ethiopia can show you an active 125 meters below sea level bubbling volcano Fire Lake which can make you fight with yourself-asking whether this is real or am I still in my dreams.  Or maybe you are just a person who loves food and dancing? Ethiopia has the best street carnivals that will wow your expectations. The customs, the songs, and the dances it’s not like that common carnival you had somewhere else. Yes come on we can go on forever telling you about Ethiopia; why can’t you just pack up and come and tell us your stunning experience in Ethiopia seriously the stage is yours now.

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