Incredible honeymoon locations of Ethiopia

Surely you have defiantly heard about Ethiopia but Jumia Travel, Africa’s leading online hotel booking platform, bets you do not know there are serious hidden honeymoon charms here. From glamorized exotic destinations to breathtaking clear beaches and budget friendly options we have recommendations for any and every type of honeymoon plan you might have in mind.

Garden like fields and the green forests surround this ethnically diverse towns, putting you in the middle of the culture and the best the country offer. It’s hard not to soak up the adventures romantic vibe at Ethiopia’s full of charismatic, romantic and historical country. Order the delightful cuisines from the lavish Radisson Blu, Sheraton, Ramada and Hilton for tasty experience. Chat with the friendly fellow guests at dinner under the refreshing night air, while the well-known internationally experienced chefs serve you from contemporary Ethiopian and international menu on top of mouthwatering desserts while you enjoy the bright stars.


Take a sunrise walk to Debre Zeit, Hawassa and Bahir Dar water grounds to refresh your morning with nature’s extravaganza where the place combines culture and cuisine not to mention the beautiful gardens surrounding the beaches. Be sure that you can take a safe travel in car or bus for up-close view of the sights topped with hospitable locals who welcome you cheering up and waving to you. Along the way, have the most of the cultural experience and plenty of exclusive shopping counting on bringing back some Ethiopian crafts including paintings, leather, silver, gold and pottery. Streets are loaded with farmers’ markets with fresh vegetables and fruits in case you want to pick up some. The place is truly everything good you can imagine coupled with unique tradition, adventure and a lot more.


Stroll through Ethiopia’s ancient architectures visiting the stunning Aksum obelisk and rock hewn churches of Lalibela and Fasiledes castle, it’s the perfect spot to chill out and remember by your stunning honeymoon. Take photos together outside the massive ancient creations and view the sunset, enjoying local dishes and drinks at the easy to get on green hills which grant you to view the small towns.

Ethiopia has been a lure for romance seekers for its unique 13 sunshine months and glorious mountains and vivid scenes at every corner of the country. Its architecture, sights and bites make the country to remain on the best choice of honeymooners’ and travelers’ list.

Indulge in all your daydreams at this Eastern Africa stunning place. Get ready to get surprised as chances are you have never seen anything like this African paradise, which has stayed true to its culture. No matter how demanding your needs be, Ethiopia has you covered. Stunning beaches, friendly hospitable people, full-service resorts, wildlife’s and extreme exotic landscapes with Fire Lake and historical sights it offers you all inclusive best escapade.


The country has the ability to enhance your honeymoon trip into a lifetime unforgettable experience. It’s not short on beautiful scenery and adventure. You can enjoy from volcanic fire lakes to massive waterfalls, hot springs with healing power and refreshing forests and beaches without breaking the bank. It’s a place full of amazing treasures and adventures with breathtaking opulent sights that seem to go on forever. Seriously, what more could you possibly ask for?

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