Glorious Beach Vacation at Langano

If there is a destination which never runs out of being an exceptional timeless destination it’s Langano. Its endless adventure offers a dream of incredible water adventure. Whether you enjoy water sport or just lying on the sand enjoying the warm sun and fresh air you will not be disappointed in the land of Hawassa.

This famous shoreline spot is 18 km long taking you 46 meter deep into the water. It’s full of shear scenery being one of Ethiopia’s best beach packed with endless adventures. If you endure lively vacation or private one the place has it all offering you the best exploration opportunity customized to your needs. Nothing beats the hospitable atmosphere you will enjoy gliding on the crystal clear lake. You continue to enjoy the best of the lake even from your hotel room and the best part of it is you can view and compare prices from Jumia Travel which partnered with several hotels negotiating better deals on your behalf. Do not miss out on this beach community adventure which is accompanied with the southern cooking charm and exceptional hospitality.

You can never go wrong paying a visit to the place loaded with so much excitement and, adventure that forces you to plan your next vacation on the same place while you treat yourself with a dozen fresh fish and local delightful dishes. The beach is surrounded with several birds and monkeys that roam around without minding several visitors who crowded the places. The luxurious resorts fronting the beach allows you to follow the sunset and when it comes out early in the morning. Hiking up to the cliffs to have the best view of the sunset from the beach side is not only make you fall in love with the place but it’s also refreshing allowing you to breath the clean air that blows from the massive lake.

Langano is best known for its uncrowded beach adventures and fishing. To have the utmost private time in the beach head there during weekdays to freely enjoy the warmth of the sun and tan on the beach without being awaken by fellow travelers who walk next to you. At night time do not miss out on the campfire dinner. Without exaggeration it’s a place that suit to every desire completely nourishing every traveler needs.

It’s a best way to start your Ethiopian adventure at Langano just relaxing and dipping to the fresh water enjoying the unspoiled environment and learning traditional fishing. The water adventure also has aquatic life that comes to the surface making it easier to spot hippos, monkeys, baboons, warthogs, and countless birds. Have the best of the striking views. Spread out your towel and spend the day and evening by the beach admiring nature trails.

With lush beach adventures, fishing and surf the iconic landscape of Langano is truly a spectacular getaway. Take time to discover downtown country yards beach resorts and trek across the green forest cliffs and a lot more of nature’s beauty in the land of Ethiopia which offers you everything from history to massive ancient architectures to wildlife and extreme nature’s creations.

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