Dell Technologies Emerging Africa Forum to Showcase the Power of Transformative Technologies

With digital transformation being a key priority for businesses and government across East, West and Central Africa, Dell Technologies has reinforced its commitment to providing its customers with advanced technologies that drive business continuity and growth.

Dell Technologies Forum Emerging Africa takes place on October 6, 2021 and will bring together business leaders and industry experts, to share their insights on how technology can help shape the future success of businesses.

The event will also serve as a platform for Dell Technologies to showcase its ground-breaking portfolio of enterprise and consumer solutions that accelerate the digital delivery of modern IT services that can differentiate a business, its products, and operations.

Mohammed Amin, Sr. Vice President – MERAT will lead the keynote session. He will cover topics related to the acceleration of digital transformation and how organizations can build resilience and agility. It will also feature high level speakers and CXOs who will share their knowledge on how digital technologies can enhance business productivity and profitability, enabling them to be at the forefront of innovation.

The informative sessions will also examine how organizations across Emerging Africa can prepare for the digital future and drive business success through technologies such as hybrid cloud, edge, 5G, AI/ML, data management and security.

Habib Mahakian, Vice President – Emerging Africa, Dell Technologies said: “Our primary focus is to help organizations accelerate socio-economic and business transformation initiatives with speed and purpose as we work together to power the innovation agenda of countries across Emerging Africa. The pandemic showed us the positive impact that digital technologies can have on accelerating growth so it’s important that organisations continue to develop their IT infrastructure to compete in a hyper-digital world.”

In addition, as the future concept becomes a reality for organizations, employees demand the flexibility to work, collaborate and innovate anytime, anywhere and in any way they want. By working closely with customers from sectors such as government, financial services, oil and gas, healthcare and education, Dell Technologies works closely with customer across Emerging Africa to help them harness the power of technology to drive long term business growth.

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