What you need to know about Angola’s premier Oil, Gas and Tech Conference

The upcoming second Angola Oil and Gas Service and Technology Conference (AOTC), is set to run in Luanda from 23-25 November and it’s shaping up to be the event of the year.

The event billed as the country’s premier oil, gas and technology conference has once again been endorsed by the Angolan Ministry of Mineral Resources and Petroleum. Given this high-ranking support, it’s not surprising that a host of prominent, respected government and industry expert speakers from the oil and gas industry and other private sectors are on the programme.

The AOTC was started last year by the Angolan Oil & Gas Service Companies Association (AECIPA) and is again hosted in partnership with the international events organiser GEP.

Engineer Bráulio de Brito, the President of the AECIPA and Chairman of AOTC, shed some light on what delegates can expect at this highly anticipated conference.

Q: Why should people come to the AOTC?

BdB: AOTC is a fantastic platform that brings the Angolan oil, gas and energy community together.  Given the past and current climate, this event is hugely important for professionals at all levels. Here you can discuss the key topics which have impacted our market, past, present and future.  The AOTC will be one of the strongest information, technology and data sharing events of the year.

Q: How is this conference different from other oil and gas conferences?

BdB: At the forefront of the conference is engagement and collaboration. This is why the AOTC enables a wide range of business engagement during and after the conference, and this is facilitated through our interactive webinars and all the other e-tools that our organisation offers throughout the year. AOTC is delivered by the industry to the industry, and with AECIPA at the forefront, it provides the entire value chain with a voice to connect, collaborate and create.

We’ve also recently confirmed some exciting new developments for day three of the conference which will be a ‘Youth Empowerment Day’ and will be centred on investment in Angola’s youth. Developing the youth is essential and pivotal for their long-term growth and success. There will be more announcements on this coming very soon.

Q: As you mentioned, the first conference was a huge success what are you doing differently this time around?

BdB: Well, the obvious difference is that this year it will also be a physical event.  AOTC 2020, whilst very successful – was a virtual event and thus was limited by those parameters. With AOTC 2021 being physical, the attendees will naturally enjoy the benefits of being able to engage with their peers in person, which I’m sure you will agree, changes the dynamics for any event!

We’re also responding to what our participants and audience suggested in their feedback of last year’s event and have incorporated it into this year’s programme.    We’ve increased not only the opportunities to engage with the speakers and presenters before the event, but we’ve also implemented interactive workshops and are promoting B-2-B meetings, which will allow all participants to be able to interact one-on-one, on a very straightforward basis.

Q: How will these one-one meetings with fellow participants work?

BdB:  AOTC is all about making connections.  For those attending the physical event, this will be conducted via the Business Matching platform, which works via a  user-friendly technology setting, combined with a personalised service for the one-on-one meetings.

You will be able to see suggested ‘matches’ based on your interests and request meetings with contacts as needed and at the preferred time, etc…

The Business Matching Service is also available to our virtual participants with the option of video and chat with connections, during the conference and throughout the subsequent 12 months.

Q: Will the conference be Covid-19 compliant – what sort of measures will be in place if I choose to attend in person? 

BdB: Naturally, the health, safety and wellbeing of the participants will be of utmost importance to us. We are working closely with the venue and will be coordinating with the Angolan Ministry of Health, who will provide the relevant Covid-19 guidelines for safely hosting the event.  Together, we’ll be ensuring participants are protected and are in a safe environment.

For those in regions still operating under stricter travel restrictions, the event will again be available for virtual participation via the energy advance platform, i.e. our digital platform.