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Some Archaeology Discoveries In Africa

2-Million-Year-Old Stone Tools Discovered: How Were Humans Back Then? Ancient Artifacts and findings in Kalahari. Archaeologists discover new site in East Africa. Medieval Beads: The Truth behind the African Trade Routes. The Oldest Bedding Found in South Africa. South African ‘lost city’ found using laser technology. The 2021 year. 2-Million-Year-Old Stone Tools Discovered: How Were […]

The Kingdom of Kerma: All You Need to Know

Kerma, also known as Karmah, is archaeological with immense historic importance. It is the former capital of the ancient kingdom of Kerma which is situated in the Dongola Reach (above the 3rd Cataract of the River Nile in Sudan). All these stories are more than 5500 years old. Kerma is one of the largest archaeological […]

The Lost Golden City of Egypt

One of the most profound discoveries in recent times is the “Lost Golden City”, discovered in Egypt. The remains were found in Egypt by archeologists declared to be the largest ancient city found in the entire country. The “Lost Golden City” had been sleeping within Luxor for over three thousand years buried under sand near […]