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Some Archaeology Discoveries In Africa

2-Million-Year-Old Stone Tools Discovered: How Were Humans Back Then? Ancient Artifacts and findings in Kalahari. Archaeologists discover new site in East Africa. Medieval Beads: The Truth behind the African Trade Routes. The Oldest Bedding Found in South Africa. South African ‘lost city’ found using laser technology. The 2021 year. 2-Million-Year-Old Stone Tools Discovered: How Were […]

The Kingdom of Kerma: All You Need to Know

Kerma, also known as Karmah, is archaeological with immense historic importance. It is the former capital of the ancient kingdom of Kerma which is situated in the Dongola Reach (above the 3rd Cataract of the River Nile in Sudan). All these stories are more than 5500 years old. Kerma is one of the largest archaeological […]

How to unlock Africa’s $3tn free trade opportunity

Africa-regions. Source: Wikipedia

New research from global law firm Baker McKenzie and Oxford Economics – AfCFTA’s US$ 3 trillion Opportunity: Weighing Existing Barriers against Potential Economic Gains – shows that if fully implemented, the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) will unlock significant but uneven growth opportunities on the continent. The African Union is putting the Africa Continental Free Trade […]

Friday@Noon on the Horn of Africa: 2018

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by Johan Burger The NTU-SBF Centre for African Studies publishes a weekly newsletter on issues relevant to Africa. This paper is based on issues addressed in the newsletter. The Horn of Africa has increasingly become the scene of activity, driven not only by players in the region, but also from abroad. For the purposes of […]

Friday@Noon on Mining in Africa: 2018

by Johan Burger The NTU-SBF Centre for African Studies publishes a weekly newsletter on issues relevant to Africa. This paper is based on issues addressed in the newsletter. Various mining initiatives and challenges occurred during 2018. Below is a snapshot of some of it. This is by no means an exhaustive list. Tanzania Tanzania wants […]

The Secret Chinese Arms Trade in the Horn of Africa

The Secret Chinese Arms Trade in the Horn of Africa

China is actively positioning itself as a major supplier of arms to the African continent and is stepping up its shipments of weapons to conflict zones through Djibouti in the Horn of Africa. EXX Africa ( published a special report on the secret Chinese arms trade in the Horn of Africa. Beyond the commercial objective of increasing sales […]

Africa & Middle East: Slingshot, the spy that came in from the router

So far, researchers have seen around 100 victims of Slingshot and its related modules, located in Kenya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Libya, Congo, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia and Tanzania Kaspersky Lab ( researchers have uncovered a sophisticated threat used for cyber-espionage in the Middle East and Africa from at least 2012 until February 2018. The malware, […]

Scattered protests erupt in Sudan over economic woes

Sporadic protests have erupted on Friday in Khartoum and the Gazira State in central Sudan against the recent government decision to increase the bread price. On Friday, bakeries raised the price of a loaf of bread from 50 cents to 1 Sudanese pound following a government decision to increase the price of flour sack from […]

African economists seek bolder monetary policy reforms to address inequality

The African Economic Conference is dedicated to discussions on the kind of economic and political governance reforms that are critical in order to ensure structural transformation takes place in Africa African economists attending the 12th African Economic Conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, have called for more radical monetary policy reforms and an overhaul of the tax policy regime […]

US revokes economic sanctions against Sudan: What it means for hospitality businesses

News of the revocation of economic sanctions against Sudan by the United States government is music to the ears of businesses and investors interested in Africa’s third largest country after two decades of severe restrictions. The sanctions relief comes as a go-ahead to tapping key trade and investment opportunities in Sudan, across industries such as […]

UNAMID welcomes the decision to lift economic sanctions on Sudan

UNAMID welcomes the US Administration’s decision to lift most economic sanctions imposed on Sudan. The decision, which ends more than two decades of economic sanctions, is hoped to contribute significantly to the betterment of the lives of the Sudanese people; including the population we serve in the Darfur region. UNAMID’s Joint Special Representative and Joint […]

IMF – Sudan: Results

Economic conditions in Sudan remain challenging in the face of persistent fiscal deficits, high inflation, and economic sanctions. The economic outlook hinges on implementing bold and broad-based reforms to stabilize the economy and strengthen growth. The expansion of social safety nets to support the most vulnerable and reforms to improve the business environment to engender […]

Drought is Driving Food Insecurity in East Africa, Says FAO

Strong El Niño weather event that ended only last year and poor erratic rainfall in recent months is driving food prices high causing food insecurity in East Africa region. Local prices of maize, sorghum and other cereals are near or at record levels in swathes of Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Uganda and the United […]

New GSMA Report Sees Rise in Mobile Broadband and Smartphone Adoption across Middle East and North Africa

Mobile Helping to Grow Innovative New Services, Connect the Unconnected and Create Employment Across Diverse Region Mobile broadband networks will account for 61 per cent of mobile connections by 2020, up from 41 per cent today, across the diverse Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, according to a new GSMA report published today at […]

Nearly 1 in 3 paid a bribe in Middle East and North Africa in past 12 months

New Transparency International report shows MENA governments failing to stop corruption as they suppress citizens’ voices Nearly one in three citizens who tried to access basic public services in the Middle East and North Africa paid a bribe, a Transparency International ( report said today, showing that governments across the region have failed to hear […]

Prospects for Economical Fast Transportation across Africa

A unique transportation technology that can offer fast travel durations at competitive prices is being developed in such countries as South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and China. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) classifies the technology as a boat, except that it resembles an aircraft due to its central fuselage and presence of wings. However, commercial […]

A Trans-African Inland Waterway and Canal Transportation System

The Nile River has been navigable since the time of the pharaohs some 4,000-years ago, while sections of the Niger, Benue, Congo and Zambezi Rivers have also been navigable. While Cecil John Rhodes sought to build a north – south Cape-to-Cairo railway line, African railway networks remain regional with the own distinctive railway gauge. Paced […]

Final day of International Forum on Islamic Finance (IFIF) focuses on innovation & technology as enablers for financial inclusion in Africa

Eminent leaders from EY, PwC, UNDP, Bank of Khartoum lead discussions on African emerging Islamic finance markets, microfinance and FinTech Khartoum, Sudan, 10 February 2016: The second day of Africa’s landmark event, International Forum on Islamic Finance (IFIF), built on the successes of yesterday which included powerful discussions on inclusive Islamic finance, the impact of […]

International Forum on Islamic Finance (IFIF) gathers powerhouses from across global Islamic finance industry

Arabic Sudan’s Central Bank Governor, Minister of Finance & Vice President; renowned PwC thought leader; and Business Week’s “Top 40 Under 40” tech expert – speak at Africa’s landmark forum Khartoum, Sudan, 9 February 2015: Islamic banking leaders and dignitaries from across Africa and the Middle East gathered today at the 2nd annual International Forum […]

IFIF 2016 to Address Regulatory Challenges to Accelerate Development of Islamic Finance in Africa

Historic Africa forum to host key policymakers to drive discussions on regulations enabling integration of Islamic finance into financial system and realizing Islamic finance potential Khartoum, Sudan: The upcoming second International Forum on Islamic Finance (IFIF 2016) will serve as a key platform for critical discussions on developing effective regulation and supervision of Islamic finance […]

International Forum on Islamic Finance (IFIF 2016) is the largest gathering of key African and international leaders in Islamic finance

The forum aims to attract leaders from around the world interested in the Islamic finance opportunity in Africa, while learning from some of the pioneering models of indigenous and authentic financial innovation suited for developing countries. The forum will build on the strong foundation laid by IFIF 2014 that gathered high profile participants including dignitaries, […]

Food prices fall in November amid robust global inventories

Food security worsening in areas suffering from civil conflict and adverse weather conditions Major food commodity prices fell in November, reversing about half their rise in the previous month, as the cost of internationally-traded staples, except for sugar, fell across the board. The FAO Food Price Index averaged 156.7 points in November, down 1.6 percent […]