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Caribou Digital Launches New Book, The Platform Livelihoods Project: Research Exploring the Workplaces of the Digital Age in Africa & Indonesia

This pioneering research, conducted in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation and with the support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation explores the pervasive digital workplace landscape in Africa and Indonesia. The research reveals the scale of dependency millions of Africans have on digital marketplaces for their livelihoods, where 27% of Kenyan farmers claim to use Meta (Facebook) to sell information and buy produce. In examining marginalised groups, people with disabilities shared in-depth accounts of challenges faced with their user experience, such as a lack of screen-reading technology for the visually impaired, inhibiting full participation. Caribou Digital calls for better governance and inclusivity for Africa’s digital marketplace to ensure it unlocks its projected reach of $72 billion by 2026.

Agrointelli’s Innovative Robotti Paves the Way for a Greener Future in Agriculture

Agrointelli, the pioneering Danish field robotics company, is thrilled to be participating in the upcoming COP28 conference. This global event provides an opportunity for Agrointelli to showcase its significant contribution to the agricultural industry and its commitment to global sustainability efforts.

How Two Women Are Bridging the Gap in South Africa’s Food System with Hydroponic Tunnels

Nestled along the rolling hills of Albert Falls in KwaZulu-Natal lies a powerhouse of innovation and hope. Led by two dedicated agricultural warriors, Nkanyiso Ngubane and Ntokozo Biyela, the rise of Dukathole Farm is something to behold. It’s an impactful and life-changing project that is bringing hope and nourishment to neighbouring communities. Using cutting-edge hydroponic […]

Fairtrade Increases Coffee Minimum Price As Farmers Face Mounting Economic and Climate Pressures

Fairtrade will raise its Minimum Price for coffee in an effort to strengthen protections for coffee farmers around the world amid the intensifying impacts of climate change and growing global economic volatility, the social justice organization today confirmed. The new Fairtrade prices, which come into effect for contracts signed as of 1 August 2023, will […]

A new study has found that Fairtrade farmers are more resilient in times of crisis

A new report published today by Fairtrade International has confirmed that access to better prices, credit, and financial stability significantly increased the resilience of Fairtrade-certified organizations amid the COVID-19 pandemic, enabling them to better withstand the global crisis and reduce its impact on their farmer members and workers. The study, titled Fairtrade certification and producer resilience […]

Cross-sector innovation presents solutions to combat Kenya’s long-standing False Codling Moth challenge

False Codling Moth (FCM), also known as Thaumatotibia leucotreta is currently causing havoc in various chilli farms in Kenya, eating into the farmers’ profits [1]. It has also emerged as a major constraint to the production of horticultural crops in the country and is currently the leading cause of interceptions of Capsicum and cut flowers […]

Collaboration, Not Competition: The Role of Peer-Learning in a Circular Economy

A group of smallholder farmers from Kericho paid a visit to their counterparts in Meru at the instigation of their local farmers’ association. That was some five years ago. While the trip was fun and adventurous, some of them wondered why so much money and time was being ‘wasted’ yet they could be taught the […]

Trends Toward A Circular Agriculture In Kenya

Circular agriculture is termed a food system that is in harmony with nature and meets social needs simultaneously. With the growing population in Kenya, the food supply has been in high demand and this has come at the expense of the environment. Farmers have shifted to using more intensive farm chemicals causing land erosion and […]

ICTforAg Announces its Virtual 2022 Conference towards Advancing Resilience, Nutrition & Agriculture led Growth in a Digital World

The ICTforAg 2022 Conference will take place virtually from March 9 to 10, 2022, and convene the leading stakeholders from the agri-tech and agri-Food space across Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs). Sponsored by Feed the Future and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) through the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit […]

GMOs in Sub-Saharan Africa – What you need to know

Several African countries have adopted Genetically Modified (GM) crop farming and the number is expected to grow in the future. But just how much are genetically modified organisms (GMOs) expected to shape the future of Sub-Saharan Africa’s agriculture? Joseph Maina explains. Many of us have heard of genetically modified (GM) crops and how they are […]

AFEX launches $100m Food Security Fund

Financing will strengthen Africa’s food security and optimise climate smart innovations across seven countries AFEX, Nigeria’s leading commodities market player, has today announced a new $100m 10-year bond called The Food Security Fund (FSF). The financing will strengthen Africa’s food security and produce three million MT of food annually on the continent. AFEX’s fund will […]

Creating a borderless agribusiness space in Uganda and across East Africa

Startup testimony Charles Bwanika, a new generation social entrepreneur Charles Bwanika is a new generation social entrepreneur, passionate about undertaking positive challenges to bring about positive impact people’s lives he’s a seasoned child rights activist, experienced and qualified Community development expert with aBA in Development   Studies (BDS) and a Diploma in Community Psychology from Ndejje […]

GMOs have lessened pesticide poisoning and improved yields in Africa, says report

A report by a top caucus of experts in the United Kingdom shows that many countries have benefited from improved economies and healthier populations by farming genetically modified (GM) crops. Most significantly, the low pesticide use associated with GM farming is linked to fewer incidences of pesticide poisoning among farmworkers—particularly for small-scale farmers, observes the […]

African climate innovators dominate global climate prize at COP26

Four African climate innovators were named as winners at 2021’s presigious Ashden Awards held on November 4 at the global climate summit COP26 in Glasgow, UK. Three more of the continent’s low carbon pioneers were announced as runners up. The Ashden Awards honour pioneering organisations from the UK and low-income countries lowering carbon emissions and […]

AFEX predicts higher prices for core grains and advocates for African food balance sheet in new report

Nigerian commodities exchange releases 2021 Annual Crop Production report to boost agricultural data and guide financing and policy decisions Lagos, Nigeria – 2 November 2021. Nigeria’s core grain prices have been projected to trend upwards in the new season due to persistent gaps between commodity supply and demand, according to a new report by commodities […]

Fairtrade Farmers Increasingly Threatened by Climate Change, Warns ‘Alarming’ New Study

BONN, Germany – The intensifying impacts of climate change pose a serious risk to global agricultural production and directly threaten the livelihoods of millions of Fairtrade farmers around the world, a new Fairtrade study has revealed, adding that increased investment in climate adaptation and resilience measures are critical if plummeting incomes for Fairtrade farmers are […]

HelloChoice: South African Agri-FinTech Start-Up Secures Major Standard Bank Investment

Leading South African founded and owned Agri-FinTech start-up HelloChoice has announced the finalisation of a major investment from Standard Bank, solidifying its market leading position as the premiere digital fresh produce and agricultural marketplace. HelloChoice is a proudly South African success story, founded in 2018 by Grant Jacobs and Graeme Jarvie, who had a vision to […]