When the heat is on: Stress and psychological safety in high-risk work environments

Working in a mine is a high-risk working environment, and inherently exposes employees to various physical dangers, leading to a constant state of alertness and stress. Add to this the pressure to perform, worries concerning job security, fear of safety for oneself and one’s family and the constant fear of accidents – it is no wonder that the industry is known for the type of acute psychological stress that contributes to burnout, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. In this article by Lani van der Merwe, Senior Consultant at OIM Consulting – Lani looks at the effects of psychological stress. She also defines psychological safety, the link between psychological safety and physical safety, and creating psychological safety.

BCX Releases Digital Innovation Index Report 2023. Offering Strategic Insights for South African Businesses

This comprehensive report aims to guide businesses by evaluating their innovation strategies and shedding light on the dynamic landscape of digital transformation in South Africa. This report stands as a beacon for businesses seeking to navigate the evolving realm of digital transformation in South Africa.

Tough economic headwinds provide exciting opportunities for agile, customer-centric fintechs

By offering personalised experiences and innovative solutions, fintechs can navigate the evolving tech and business landscape, transforming the way money is stored, used, and moved in South Africa. Amid challenging economic headwinds, South African fintechs have the potential to excel by prioritising customer-centric approaches and strategic partnerships, while embracing digitisation and regulatory changes. Andy Jury, CEO of Mukuru shares insights into the fintech trends for 2024, while looking at where we are now.

Sustainable Luxury: Genesis Planners Garners Accolades for Two Outstanding Projects

The company received recognition in two distinct categories: Best Luxury Commercial Property Architecture for their outstanding work on Aparna Technopolis and Best Luxury High Rise Architecture for the awe-inspiring Jayabheri The Peak.

The biggest workplace design trends shaping Western Cape offices

In recent years, the focus on employee experience in the workplace has surged. By 2022, recognition of its significance peaked. In 2023, leading companies are transforming the role of experience into real action – and creating workspaces that employees enjoy says Tango Matoti, Head of Workplace Strategy and Design at Tétris Design and Build South Africa.  “How businesses […]

TCI Signs Agreement To Build And Operate Egypt’s First Bulk Cement Export Silo Terminal With Sinai White Portland Cement Company

Transcargo International, TCI, a veteran terminal operator in Egypt, announces the signing of an agreement with Sinai White Portland Cement, SWCC, for the development of Egypt’s first bulk cement silos in Arish Port, marking a significant milestone in the cement industry in Egypt and its export capabilities.

Zohra Opoku Pioneering Sustainability at the Unveiling of a New Exhibition in Ghana

Zohra Opoku and the Revival create expressive, daring, site-specific works that engage people and promote sustainability to combat climate change. 

Mind the gap: Narrowing the distance to your organisation’s desired data maturity starts with your people

In an era defined by information and innovation, businesses all understand the importance and value of data. However, the true potential lies not just in its collection, but in leveraging it as a strategic asset.  Lee Wearne, Data Strategist at Insight Consulting, unravels the key to unlocking your organisation’s data maturity in his article. Lee emphasises the critical role of people, along with processes, and technology in leveraging data as a strategic asset.