Triple win: How Africa’s industrials can decarbonise, lower energy costs and increase reliability all at the same time

In African countries, particularly those with a well-developed industrial sector, a significant portion of energy production may come from the industry’s own power plants. This is especially true in countries where the reliability of the grid is low, and industries rely on self-generated power to ensure a stable energy supply. In this article, we are offering insights into our approach in supporting energy-intensive industries to optimise the use of renewable energy and reach their decarbonisation objectives.

Babalwa Ngonyama’s Legal Battle with UCT: A Test of Institutional Ethics

In the realm of South African higher education and corporate governance, few situations have garnered as much attention as the legal standoff between Babalwa Ngonyama, the former Chair of the University of Cape Town (UCT) Council, and UCT.

Retail is in the midst of the biggest technology paradigm shift yet: Insights from NRF 2024 New York

The piece focuses on the key takeaways from NRF 24: Retail’s Big Show, which took place earlier this month in New York, USA. In the article, Peter examines the main themes covered at the event and how they could impact the South African retail sector. Some of the key points he covers include:
Expected improvements in the South African retail environment
The increasing importance of AI and automation for retailers
The need for South African retailers to adopt omnichannel strategies
The role of technology in reducing the risk of product returns

International ocean economy stakeholders to meet in SA for innovation summit

There are big opportunities for Africa in the Blue Economy. At the Ocean Innovation Africa Summit, you’ll discover what they are, and hear great ideas from innovative startups preparing to catch the next wave of business.

Empowering African Youths Within The Public Sector As A Means Of Enhancing The Efficiency Of Its Systems: African Union Digital and Innovation Fellowship As A Case Study

AfriLabs’ latest white paper explores the transformative impact of the African Union Digital and Innovation Fellowship on empowering African youths within the public sector. Discover how innovative programs are enhancing the efficiency of public sector systems across Africa. Dive into the case study and join us in shaping a brighter future for African governance!


It is without a doubt that smart cities extend beyond infrastructure and urban planning. For a smart city to work, it requires smart citizens and technology plays a pivotal role in enabling civic engagement. If a city wants to empower those who live in it, it requires initiatives that improve service delivery and technology is the solution to making e-government platforms a reality.

The year of possibility: trends that will shift the accountancy landscape in 2024

Leana Van Der Merwe, Technical and Standards Executive at the South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA), provides her expert insight on the trends that will shift the accountancy landscape in 2024 and the opportunities that await the profession.

Black Business Owners Urged to Capitalize on Final Days of African Collective Global Business Month

As the inaugural year of African Collective Global Business Month enters its final week, Black Business owners are encouraged to take advantage of the special offer to have their businesses found by people around the world who are looking to support businesses owned by people of African Descent.

Armata unpacks details in latest webinar on the benefits of outsourcing security operations

Armata, a leading cybersecurity specialist company, recently hosted a webinar to explain the advantages of outsourcing security operations for businesses. The webinar was led by the industry heavyweight, Caesar Tonkin. Armata provides a variety of services in the industry, including cybersecurity consulting, managed services, and advanced cyber defence services.

Mastering CCM: A blueprint for business leaders to drive personalisation and agility in mass customer communications

With an increased need for personalised communication when delivering complex products to customers, effective Customer Communications Management (CCM) is essential – especially in industries such as banking, insurance, medical, real estate and legal. What does “CCM” really mean and how can businesses master it to improve their offerings? In the piece, Sean Manley, National Sales and Account Manager at GhostDraft, provides insight into how CCM is key to remaining competitive and avoiding falling behind new market entrants.

Digital innovation will be key for SA businesses seeking to compete in post-Amazon online retail space

With a USD 1.60 trillion market cap, the imminent intensification of Amazon’s operations in South Africa will come to shape the practices and standards that characterise and grow the domestic e-commerce landscape.

What KLM Does to Make Air Travel More Sustainable

In an era marked by an urgent need for sustainability, the aviation industry stands at the forefront of change. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines understands the gravity of this responsibility and is actively working towards making air travel more eco-friendly.

Impact Africa advances sustainable development in Africa with new regional footprint in Southern Africa

New regional office set to benefit 14 countries including Angola, Botswana, Comoros, Eswatini (formerly Swaziland), Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Seychelles, Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa. Firm has carved a niche in assisting the private and public sectors, multilateral and bilateral organizations, development agencies and not for profit organizations across Africa with sustainability advisory, enterprise support services, impact assessment and capacity building on sustainable development.

Top Payment Trends for 2024

Consumers will increasingly be demanding choices when it comes to payment options into 2024, with security being high on the agenda and offerings that will be keenly watched as potential growth engines. Rory Bosman, Executive for Sales & Marketing at Ecentric Payment Systems adds that shoppers also want value from retailers, physical or online, when it comes to deciding where to spend their hard-earned money, especially in this difficult socio-economic environment.

Everything you need to know about LTL freight shipping

Whether you are an entrepreneur, logistics manager, or just curious about transportation, look no further. This blog post will dive deep into everything LTL (less-than-truckload) shipping has to offer and give a crash course on what it means, how it works, and why its popularity continues to increase in today’s market. So let’s get into it.