Best Trekking in Tigray

Tigray situated in the remote northern parts of Ethiopia offers the best trekking routes. Its sharp cliffs and towering rock columns are between the altitude range of 1,000 and 3,000. It’s an exciting place for walking and climbing. The warm weather condition is moderate allowing enjoyment of both the sun and trekking.

Some of the great attractions of Tigray are its hundreds of ancient rock hewn churches, a number of which have been built into caves high in the cliffs. They are similar in design to Ethiopia’s stunning site Lalibela, reported to be quite ancient. Reaching these monuments is an unforgettable escapade. The Tigray region holds several historical sites which date back to the second century. Their designs are inspired by traditional ancient civilization often located at the top of the steep hills.  The beautifully carved roof is supported by several decorated arches and paintings. The churches house several treasures exclusive to the place.

The most popular Debre Damo monastery is accessible by climbing a rope 25 meters up to a sheer cliff. It’s a site of a major annual pilgrimage in October 14. It’s possible to climb to the hills through trails and donkeys however most climbers find plenty of adventure climbing in the strong rock formations that give the entire town view.

When to visit

The place is open and sunny all year long.

What to expect

People are very friendly and welcoming, it’s very common to be greeted by strangers who perceive visitors as family. The hills are steep and at times challenging for climbers however climbing is safe and camping on top of the hills gives an unforgettable experience.

How to travel within

Lone travel is safe. It’s very easy to explore the hills without a guide. People are accustomed to hosting foreigners who come from around the world.


Tigray has several hotels and guest houses offering affordable price ranges and world-class hospitable services.  It’s easier to access all the hotels and facilities at to get best negotiated price with guaranteed booking.


The marketplace displays attractive cotton woven clothing, Gabi (traditional long scarf) and several souvenirs. It also includes a wide range of vegetables, fruits and spices.

Fun Fact

Climbing to the top through rob offer a unique experience.

Country code

+251 – Pre and post paid SIM cards (2G, 3G, and 4G) allow visitors to make local and international calls. With post-paid SIM cards, it’s possible to make long distance calls without interruption.


Ethiopian Airlines has daily flights to Tigray. It’s easy to book a flight at


Foreign currencies are accepted at all hotels daily exchange rates can be accessed at

Visa Requirement

Some countries citizens such as USA are allowed to have visa upon arrival however all visa application and requirements can be found at

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