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Why you shouldn’t only be thinking ROI

Arjen de Bruin, Managing Director at OIM Consulting, challenges conventional thinking about ROI. Arjen discusses why businesses shouldn’t only be thinking about ROI, but broadening the definition of value, such as supervisor development, enhanced productivity and planning, good leadership and employee engagement, and more.

Virgin Atlantic Appoints Marc Harding As South Africa Country Manager

Virgin Atlantic is delighted to announce the appointment of Marc Harding as Country Manager for South Africa. Marc joined Virgin Atlantic 23 years ago and held various roles in the operations and commercial departments across Johannesburg and Cape Town. For 13 years, Marc’s core position has been part of the commercial team from Account Manager […]

How businesses can build towards sustainable social impact

By creating a clear vision of shared purpose, involving employees in the process, and building relationships with beneficiary organizations, companies can achieve a well-functioning and powerful culture that can help attract and retain employees who value social impact. This approach can make all the difference to a company’s performance, and it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to prioritize social impact in order to stay competitive in today’s market.

AFAWA’s Ambassadors: Shaping the conversation around the financing gap that women face in Africa

The article penned by the Ambassadors of AFAWA, which is part of the AfDB (Affirmative Finance Action for Women in Africa), focuses on the challenges and solutions around the financing gap that women face in Africa.

Education needs to ignite entrepreneurship

By PROFESSOR AHMED SHAIKH, MD REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL GLOBALLY the perennial battle to alleviate poverty is an enduring one and in this respect South Africa is no exception. According to Statistics SA almost half of the adult population in our country is living below the upper-bound poverty line. While the battle against poverty has been […]

How private investors can access offshore equity and commodity markets safely

In recent years, the offshore equity and commodity markets have gained significant traction among savvy investors seeking diversification and higher returns. In this article, the Financial advisor at Grayswan, Braam Bredenkamp addresses this issue head-on by providing valuable insights and actionable tips for private investors to safely navigate and capitalize on offshore opportunities.

C-suites should drive data strategies to avoid disconnect with business strategy

Enterprises must prioritise security, governance and user adoption for successful implementation By Lee Wearne, Senior Business Intelligence Consultant at Insight Consulting The urgency of implementing enterprise data management strategies comes from an acute awareness that businesses need to put their data to work effectively to influence business decisions and efficiency, and ultimately help steer the […]