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AFAWA’s Ambassadors: Shaping the conversation around the financing gap that women face in Africa

The article penned by the Ambassadors of AFAWA, which is part of the AfDB (Affirmative Finance Action for Women in Africa), focuses on the challenges and solutions around the financing gap that women face in Africa.

Education needs to ignite entrepreneurship

By PROFESSOR AHMED SHAIKH, MD REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL GLOBALLY the perennial battle to alleviate poverty is an enduring one and in this respect South Africa is no exception. According to Statistics SA almost half of the adult population in our country is living below the upper-bound poverty line. While the battle against poverty has been […]

How private investors can access offshore equity and commodity markets safely

In recent years, the offshore equity and commodity markets have gained significant traction among savvy investors seeking diversification and higher returns. In this article, the Financial advisor at Grayswan, Braam Bredenkamp addresses this issue head-on by providing valuable insights and actionable tips for private investors to safely navigate and capitalize on offshore opportunities.

C-suites should drive data strategies to avoid disconnect with business strategy

Enterprises must prioritise security, governance and user adoption for successful implementation By Lee Wearne, Senior Business Intelligence Consultant at Insight Consulting The urgency of implementing enterprise data management strategies comes from an acute awareness that businesses need to put their data to work effectively to influence business decisions and efficiency, and ultimately help steer the […]

The Application of Quantified Creativity in Influencer Marketing

By: Casey Mantle, from 8909 Digital Influencer marketing has become an essential aspect of any brand’s marketing strategy. With more and more consumers relying on social media to make purchasing decisions, partnering with influencers can help brands reach their target audience effectively. However, it’s not enough to simply find an influencer with a large following […]

9 things SME’s can do to look after their staff during the cost of living crisis

As the cost of living crisis continues, employers must recognise the importance of supporting their employees during these challenging times. From both a business and human perspective. Financial stress can significantly impact employee wellbeing, job satisfaction, and productivity. As a result, many organisations are taking steps to provide support and alleviate some of the financial […]

Fairtrade Increases Coffee Minimum Price As Farmers Face Mounting Economic and Climate Pressures

Fairtrade will raise its Minimum Price for coffee in an effort to strengthen protections for coffee farmers around the world amid the intensifying impacts of climate change and growing global economic volatility, the social justice organization today confirmed. The new Fairtrade prices, which come into effect for contracts signed as of 1 August 2023, will […]

Grow with Intention: How to Make The Best Investments for Your Business

Every business needs to grow. It does not, however, need to consistently achieve extreme profit margins and beat the previous quarter’s results repeatedly. So long as your business is profitable, then you’re doing wonderfully. However, this does not mean you can keep things the same for years to come. Markets change, new tools arise, and […]

Five Areas Where AI Can Help Do Better Business, Right Now

Artificial Intelligence

By: Jacques Du Bruyn, Managing Director, Flume  While the creative industry loses its collective mind about how ChatGPT, Bard and the ‘smarter’ version of Bing are going to decimate job numbers in the industry and deliver massive volumes of poor-quality work at next to no cost – and there’s plenty to be said about why […]

The mine’s operating model – and why your people underpin it

By Arjen de Bruin, Managing Director at OIM Consulting In its simplest form, a company’s operating model can be described as a visualisation of its business strategy. The intent of the model is to provide a clear framework or blueprint for how this strategy is executed to deliver on the organisation’s goals. But who is […]

Yofi Grant, CEO of GIPC, is the African business personality of the year 2022, and Ghana represented by GIPC is the best FDI destination in Africa

Yofi Grant, the esteemed CEO of the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC), has been honored with the prestigious title of African Business Personality of the Year 2022 by International Investor Magazine. This coveted award recognizes Yofi Grant’s outstanding leadership and contributions to promoting investment and economic growth in Ghana and across Africa. Furthermore, GIPC, representing […]

WeWork and SiSebenza Announce Franchise Partnership for WeWork South Africa

WeWork, the leading global flexible space provider, today announced a franchise partnership with SiSebenza, a pan-African real estate investor, giving SiSebenza the exclusive right to operate WeWork’s existing locations in South Africa. The deal also grants SiSebenza exclusive rights to grow and operate the WeWork franchise in Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius and Nigeria. The franchise partnership […]

Shopping for sustainability: online stores and e-commerce merchants answer growing consumer demand

While 92% of South Africans say sustainability is important to them, only 58% claim to live sustainably according to a 2022 study by global consumer insights agency InSites Consulting. It’s clear South Africans want to make a change; they just don’t know where to start. That’s where online retailers and e-commerce merchants come in, says Steffen Burrows, CURBON co-founder and director. The […]

Moving on up: Why change management matters in evolving workspaces

Our workplaces are changing rapidly, with organisations redesigning their spaces to be more flexible and hospitable, moving to accommodate hybrid work practices, or simply relocating to downsize. While the reasons for moving are clear, there is often an inconsistent understanding and implementation of change management, which can result in overwhelmed employees, reduced productivity, and the […]

Baker McKenzie’s Africa team wins Banking and Finance Legal Advisor of the Year and Best pan-African Law Firm

Global law firm Baker McKenzie has received GFC Media’s Bonds, Loans & ESG Capital Markets Africa Banking & Finance Legal Adviser of the Year award for 2023. The firm also advised on four Deal of the Year transactions, showcasing the firm’s impressive multi-jurisdictional client mandates in Africa. The firm advised on the following Deal of the Year winners: The […]

Positive operating result for both Air France and KLM thanks to significant increase in revenues and transformation efforts

Air France-KLM has confirmed that the company has bounced back from two years of massive losses as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, returning to profit. The company confirms Strong Group capacity ramp up at 85% compared to 2019 with load factor at 84% Group revenues at €26.4bn, with highest fourth quarter revenues in history. […]