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Harnessing the global potential of SA’s growing youth talent pool

With the South African employment rate forecast to reach 43% by 2023, the focus has turned to leveraging the country’s strengths on a global level to provide multinationals with a hiring pool that is young, talented, willing to learn, and more cost-effective than what other markets can offer. This is according to Business Process Enabling […]

Ryan Strategic Advisory Highlights Bahrain’s Role In The Evolution of Global Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) In White Paper With SILAH GULF

UK- based consultancy, Ryan Strategy Advisory, today unveiled a whitepaper prepared for Bahrain-based business process outsourcing company, Silah Gulf, presenting the role of the Kingdom in driving growth of global BPOs. Titled, ‘Leveraging Bahrain for Customer Experience Excellence,’ the whitepaper highlights the strengths of Bahrain as a regional player with strong links to GCC countries and the […]