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The rise of Gen Z means a rethink of permanent employment is on the horizon

We are witnessing a clash between businesses pushing for in-office work and Gen Z workers who prioritise flexibility, environmental consciousness, and inclusivity. Even remote-working advocate, Zoom, has demanded that those within 80km of the office need to work in-person twice a week. As Gen Z becomes the dominant demographic in the future workforce, project-based independent contracting and remote collaboration are gaining popularity as preferred modes of work. Gary Silbermann, Co-Founder & Innovation Director at One Degree shares that there doesn’t have to be an ongoing battle between C-suites and younger workers.

How businesses can build towards sustainable social impact

By creating a clear vision of shared purpose, involving employees in the process, and building relationships with beneficiary organizations, companies can achieve a well-functioning and powerful culture that can help attract and retain employees who value social impact. This approach can make all the difference to a company’s performance, and it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to prioritize social impact in order to stay competitive in today’s market.

The rise of fin-fluencers: Gen Z turn to social media for share trading advice

One in five Gen Zers (21%) go to social media for investing advice. Older generations prefer online news and blogs for trading tips. Just 3% of South Africans use a Certified Financial Planner. Commentary from Finder.com’s investment editor Kylie Purcell. Social media is the go-to source for share trading advice among young adults in South […]