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Engen’s footprint flourishing as company targets ambitious growth in Botswana

Engen continues to expand in Botswana and so spread its unique retail fuel and convenience customer experience across the country, with five new Engen Service Stations opening in the first half of 2021 and a further five in the pipeline. “As always, convenience and customer service are key determinants of our success and we are excited […]

Competition law in post-pandemic Africa a key driver for market participation, consumer protection and fair practices

 With the growth of economies across Africa, competition law has remained one of the key drivers for effective market participation, consumer protection and fair business practices. However, the global pandemic introduced new challenges for competition authorities in Africa and abroad, with each enforcer pursuing the most beneficial enforcement method for its national or regional jurisdiction. […]

Interview with Amma Group on the development of the diamond industry in Africa

Lucara Diamond Corp. - 998 carat (CNW Group/Lucara Diamond Corp.)

Amma Group specialises in meeting the needs of ultra-high net worth individuals and institutions through a multi-faceted approach, namely Amma Asset Management – focusing on opulent coloured diamonds and precious stones with a proven track record of uncorrelated returns Amma Advisory – providing analysis and advice on creating solutions that have a positive, long-lasting impact […]

Hotel Development Industry in Africa


Introduction           The development of a country partly depends on the expansion of their hotel and tourism industry. Africa is facing a tough time economically and they are trying their best to fight back this economic crisis. They focus on the hotel management sector and try to develop this industry. A hotel is not only […]

Broll provides perspective of Sub- Saharan African Market

The Sub-Saharan Africa market may seem daunting and complex for the first – time investor or developer.  Added to this is the era of prolific fake news, misperceptions and conflicting reports.  So how does an investor or developer interested in pursuing investments in this market, make an informed and strategically sound decision? Broll Property Intel’s […]

AfriLabs Network Expands to 45 African Countries


Abuja, Nigeria AfriLabs, the largest pan-African network of technology and innovation centres, has admitted 27 new hubs into her network, extending her reach into 6 new countries and 12 new cities. The new countries are Guinea, Mauritius, South Sudan, Libya, Tunisia and Botswana. This brings her membership to a total of 158 Hubs in 45 […]

Hilton Garden Inn continues investing in Africa

HGI Nairobi

Hilton Garden Inn opened four properties and an additional 14 in the pipeline just three years after opening its first hotel on the continent in 2016. Many of these properties represent first-in-country openings for Hilton Garden Inn and for the Hilton enterprise as a whole, including Botswana, Zambia and Uganda. Speaking from Africa’s Travel Indaba, […]

1,758-carat diamond found in Botswana

Lucara Diamond Corp. is pleased to announce the recovery of a 1,758-carat diamond from its 100% owned Karowe Diamond Mine located in Botswana. One of the largest diamonds in recorded history, the largest diamond recovered in Botswana, and the largest diamond to be mined at Karowe to date, the unbroken 1,758 carat stone was recovered […]

Friday@Noon on Economic Development in Africa: 2018

Along the east coast, north from Durban are huge sugar cane fields. Author: (WT-en) Fluglotse2000 at English Wikivoyage aka. User:Africaspotter

by Johan Burger The NTU-SBF Centre for African Studies publishes a weekly newsletter on issues relevant to Africa. This paper is based on issues addressed in the newsletter. The year 2018 saw numerous cases of economic development on the African continent. This would include trade, etc. Africa The US$2 trillion-plus Sub-Saharan Africa economy continues to […]

Friday@Noon on Regional Integration in Africa: 2018

by Johan Burger The NTU-SBF Centre for African Studies publishes a weekly newsletter on issues relevant to Africa. This paper is based on issues addressed in the newsletter. Regional integration has become a high profile intervention and is seen as the route to economic integration and increasing intra-African trade. Some commentators are of the opinion […]

Improved housing doubles in Sub-Saharan Africa

A new study led by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, Imperial College London and Malaria Atlas Project, University of Oxford has revealed that improved housing had doubled on the African continent between 2000 and 2015. The study published in the “Nature International Journal of Science” is the first accurate estimate of urban […]

Illicit Financial Flows are Significant and Persistent Drag on Developing Country Economies

country trade misinvoicing

Trade misinvoicing undermines the impact of international trade in developing nations A new analysis of illicit financial flows (IFFs) due to trade misinvoicing in 148 developing countries demonstrates that trade-related IFFs appear to be both significant and persistent features of developing country trade with advanced economies. As such, trade misinvoicing remains an obstacle to achieving […]

The Growth And Diversification Challenge For The Botswana Commercial Property Sector

Selwyn Blieden, Head: Africa Coverage, Commercial Property Finance at Barclays Africa The growth and development of Botswana’s commercial property sector has reached the stage where, in order to achieve growth and diversification, investors now have to consider expanding their market exposure. This they can do by expanding into the Southern African region or, beyond the […]

Developing GROWTH in Botswana’s Hospitality Market

The BotsReal Property and Infrastructure Forum on the 30th of May 2018 will address the need for the development of tailored hospitality assets, which matches the country’s evolving tourism sector needs. Organised by API Events, Africa’s leading real estate investment and development conference producer, a forum is a critical event for the development of the […]

Morocco top ranked investment destination in Africa for 2017

Egypt, Algeria, Botswana and Cote d’Ivoire amongst top five investment destinations Quantum Global Research Lab releases new 2018 Africa Investment Index Top five investment destinations attracted a combined net FDI of $12.8 bn in 2016 Egypt, Algeria, Botswana and Cote d’Ivoire amongst top five investment destinations Morocco is the most attractive economy for investments flowing […]

Botswana: Mining sector dents show in economic

Pascal Raditsebe GABORONE, BOTSWANA — The effects of the closure of BCL and Tati mine in October last year are still visible, a year later as the economy of Botswana has registered negative growth in the sector, causing the economy shows it grew at a slower rate of just one percent the second quarter from […]

Wide budget deficit worries Botswana officials

Pascal Raditsebe GABORONE, BOTSWANA — Botswana government says it is concerned that the widening budget deficit would make authorities tighten spending supervision next year and beyond, owing largely to slow growth in revenues and higher budgetary requirements by ministries. A budget blueprint for the 2018/19 budget produced at least three months before the Budget Speech […]

Technology threatens banking jobs in Botswana

Pascal Raditsebe GABORONE, BOTSWANA – Banking jobs in Botswana, like in any other developing countries are under threat, as financial institutions embark in employing Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems to meet growing regulatory demands, it has come to light recently. The undertaking, according to Bank of Botswana Banking Supervisory report, if implemented will swallow up more […]

Electra Mining Botswana to showcase latest products and technologies

Botswana’s largest mining, industrial and power generation exhibition will be showcasing the latest products and technologies, equipment and machinery, and cutting-edge systems and services when it opens its doors in September. Taking place at the Gabarone Fairgrounds from 12-14 September, Electra Mining Botswana will enable visitors to connect with over 100 local and international exhibitors, […]

Botswana: Positive prospects for the diamond sector could lead to somewhat higher rates of GDP growth in 2017-19

IMF Staff Concludes 2017 Article IV Visit to Botswana Positive prospects for the diamond sector could lead to somewhat higher rates of GDP growth in 2017-19. Fiscal projections envisage moderate deficits this year and the next, with surpluses thereafter. Tax revenue reforms need to be accelerated to protect public finances against any adverse developments and […]

Le Botswana, destination d’investissement la plus attrayante d’Afrique

Selon l’index, le Botswana se démarque par divers facteurs, dont la meilleure cote de crédit, la balance des comptes courants, la couverture de l’importation et la facilité des affaires Quantum Global Research Lab lance l’Africa Investment Index Le Maroc, l’Égypte, l’Afrique du Sud et la Zambie constituent le top 5 des destinations d’investissement Les cinq […]

Botswana Most Attractive Investment Destination in Africa

According to the Index, Botswana scores highly based on a range of factors that include improved credit rating, current account ratio, import cover and ease of doing business Botswana is the most attractive economy for investments flowing into the African continent, according to the latest Africa Investment Index 2016 by Quantum Global’s independent research arm, Quantum […]