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Why the subscription economy is transforming B2B operating models forever

By Jaco Frederik Möller, Solutions and DIMS Product Manager, Canon South Africa  From Hello Fresh to the Spotify, subscription services are now so commonplace they’ve almost become the norm. Subscriptions started life in the media world, with newspaper and magazine subscriptions dating back centuries. But in the last ten years, the subscription business model has […]

10 lessons in 10 years: what I’ve learned as a successful business owner which may surprise you

By Gareth Price, Founder of Cloudworx and Investmint; 5 time Ironman finisher 10 years ago, I started a business.  Or so I thought.  What I did was I went to the shop and spent R4 000 on a printer and printed a few letterheads and business cards.  And I declared myself self-employed. I was armed […]

TransUnion South Africa battling to retrieve personal records after hack

On 17 March, ITWeb reported that credit bureau, TransUnion South Africa, is currently in an ongoing battle with a hacker group that is demanding a $15 million (R223 million) ransom over four terabytes of compromised data. The hacker group, going by the name N4aughtysecTU, which claims to hail from Brazil, is alleging it breached TransUnion […]

Zero – R100 Million in One Year: A New Industry is Born

In the space of a single year, targeted social media advertising has helped South Africa’s estate agents notch up hundreds of millions of Rands in residential sales – with numbers set to increase tenfold in the next few years. This social media boom has changed the way the South African property industry finds leads and […]

Going Greener for Workforce Health and Wellness

Author cottonbro: Pexels

By: Amber Sambo, Social Media Manager and Content Creator at Decusatio As the climate-change discussion peaks and people gain more knowledge, there is increasing pressure on employers to not only protect the planet but to also ensure that the health and wellness needs of their workforces are met by providing environmentally healthy workspaces for them.  […]

Property scams continue to rise at alarming rates

Investing in property is one of the biggest financial decisions a person is likely to make. New and increasingly sophisticated scams and incidence of fraud are on the rise and affect developers, buyers, sellers, estate agents, conveyancing attorneys, and other property professionals. “As property transactions typically involve substantial sums of money, they are a natural […]

Developments in the South African automotive industry creating optimism for manufacturing sector

By Prenisha Martin, Advanced Associate, Tax Practice, Baker McKenzie Johannesburg The amended Automotive Production Development Programme (APDP) regulations, legislated in Schedule No.3 of the Customs and Excise Act, were released by the South African Revenue Service (SARS) just over a year ago, on 5 February 2021. The APDP is essentially South Africa’s long-term masterplan to […]

Budget’s focus on taxpayer relief bodes well for bill payments

South African’s can say thank you to the Minister of Finance for providing some tax relief during his maiden Budget speech that will put money back into their pockets – something that bodes well for economic activity and the bill payments sector. In the 2022 Budget Speech, delivered by Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana on Wednesday, […]

Tips for Successful Homeschooling in Africa

In many African nations, homeschooling is becoming a popular choice for both nationals and ex-pats. It guarantees the quality of education and allows parents to guide the curriculum. If you’re considering homeschooling your children, be sure to keep these tips in mind.  Find Out the Rules for Homeschooling in Your Country While homeschooling is legal […]

How 3 draws per week makes the French Lotto that more appealing

Did you know the French Lotto draw happens three times a week? That’s one more than most major lotteries around the world and yet another opportunity in a seven-day period to win big. It happens on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, giving those who enter a chance to triumph at the start, in the middle and […]

Paramount Group Recognised As Top Employer For Third Consecutive Year

Paramount Group Recognised As Top Employer For Third Consecutive Year

Aerospace and Technology Company Awarded 2022 Top Employers Institute Accolade For Setting Exemplary Standards In People Practices Johannesburg, South Africa, February 15th, 2022 – The Top Employers Institute has announced its Top Employers around the world in 2022 and for the third consecutive year, the global aerospace and technology company, Paramount Group, has been recognised as […]

AURA launch inaugural crime trend report to better understand and prevent SA’s high crime rate

AURA, South Africa’s leading security and medical response marketplace has released its inaugural Crime Trend Report, providing new and unique insight into South Africa’s crime stats in key categories from armed robberies to attempted hijackings and gender-based violence. The report gathered data over the past year from AURA’s nationwide network of over 250 private security […]

Paramount Group Appoints Steve Griessel as Group Chief Executive Officer

Abu Dhabi. United Arab Emirates. 25 January 2022 – Paramount Group, the global aerospace and technology company, announced today that it has appointed Steve Griessel as its Group Chief Executive Officer. South African-born Griessel, a global business executive who served as CEO of several companies in South Africa and the United States, including two public companies, brings more […]

Developing a quality culture across South Africa’s Solar PV value chain

By 2030, total installed PV capacity in South Africa is expected to reach 8,400 MW. However, if we want sustainable growth, we need to ensure that we develop and implement quality infrastructure for solar PV systems. “Embedding a culture of quality is vital if we want to unlock the huge economic potential of solar technologies”, […]

Policy Reforms Essential for Creating an Enabling Environment for Entrepreneurs

Faster economic growth requires determined implementation of policy reforms to promote confidence, investment, competitiveness, entrepreneurship and job creationi. This is according to the recently delivered Medium Term Budget Policy Statement.    With this in mind, Matsi Modise, Chairperson of the South African Startup Act Steering Committee and Vice-Chairperson of SiMODiSA, together with Steering Committee members Tanya van […]

Big manufacturers need to redesign our (circular) economy

Last year saw the UK government call on all businesses to sign up to the globally recognised UN Race to Zero Climate Commitment, by pledging to go One Step Greener during COP26. With 45% of global greenhouse gas emissions coming from the way we make and use products and food, local business needs to start […]

Make a success of sustainability: An innovative incubator aimed at equipping entrepreneurs to build the green economy

According to a recent study by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), transitioning to a more circular economy can create value across all sectors of the economy. The circular economy promotes sustainability, and the sector consists of businesses that focus on eliminating waste, leading to improved efficiency and greater profit margins. Sixty-five entrepreneurs will […]

Trends shaping the workspace in 2022

The first half of 2021 saw the return, albeit slow, of employees to offices and the realisation for many that they craved interaction with their colleagues, to collaborate with, bounce ideas off or simply talk to. The surge of the COVID-19 Omicron variant towards the end of the year, however, resulted in many companies delaying […]

New UK-South Africa Partnership Launched to Tackle Poverty, Unemployment, and Inclusive Economic Growth Through Innovation

South Africa has been ranked as the 13th biggest carbon dioxide emitter in the world[1]. For the country to help bring global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions to net zero by 2050, it will need to cut its emissions by approximately 60% to 75%[2]. Not only will this benefit the planet, but the people of South […]

Africa is leapfrogging into the future of retail

The bi-annual Global Retail Development Index (GRDI), which is a study of the global retailing landscape has revealed Africa is poised to move away from traditional retail models and become the fastest-growing, richest, and most sophisticated market in the world. Prashaen Reddy, a partner at management consulting firm Kearney says that this is thanks to the […]

Are Brick Houses a Good Investment in South Africa?

Clay bricks are created using the same formula that has been used to build many famous structures. They are a long-lasting, visually beautiful construction material that works effectively over time.  The final combination of raw materials provides clay brick its particular features, such as sturdiness, resilience, dimensional stability, and durability, as well as fire and […]

SMEs of Tomorrow – Tips to Drive Growth in 2022

Employing over half the workforce, driving significant growth in the private sector, and representing some 98% of all businesses, SMEs are the lifeblood of the South African economy. Experts speculate that Digital Transformation, COVID-19 awareness, shifting supply-chain trends, and operational optimisations, are among the key areas where SMEs can drive improvements, and thrive in 2022. […]