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Omnichannel strategies: One size does not fit all in South African retail

Given the diversity of the market — with varying levels of digital maturity, lifestyle and income — it’s important to understand the evolving needs and key purchase drivers of diverse consumer segments as one size doesn’t fit all.

Local knowledge is a value differentiator in the PR world

The recently held BRICS Summit caused waves in the West when Chinese President Xi Jinping encouraged Summit participants to increase trade in their own currencies and to move away from the US Dollar. The USA downplayed this as a non-event. However, with no first-hand knowledge of the political will within the BRICS block, this stance […]

What South Africans need to know about smart devices – from cars to cots

We live in a world surrounded by smart devices – from our pockets to our driveways and living rooms. These advancements offer convenience, and in many cases, extra security. But when gadgets are fitted with computing power and internet connectivity, they also become a target for remote hackers, says Carey van Vlaanderen, CEO of ESET South Africa. Smart […]

Dynamic conversations propel the future of work and real estate at Envision forum in Cape Town

The Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa at the V&A Waterfront was the centre point for discussions around the intersection of work, real estate, and technology on 30 August as JLL, the international real estate advisory company and leading design and build company, Tétris Design x Build hosted the landmark Envision, High Performance Real Estate and Workplaces forum. The event […]

The insurance industry comes under fire as the cost-of-living crisis increases

The world is currently facing one of the harshest economic climates experienced since the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, one of the worst financial crises in modern history. This raises concerns that more people may turn to fraud to address the financial pressure they are experiencing.

Why South African businesses should leverage trustworthy data for better procurement choices

Mitigating the risk of procurement fraud and other irregularities is possible by equipping organisations with the tools necessary to improve transparency, decision-making, and cost-effectiveness in procurement, says Sameer Kumandan, Managing Director at  SearchWorks – South Africa’s largest online data aggregation platform.

How effective budgeting can help you save and improve your financial health

With the cost of living increasing often, financial education tools such as budgeting tips can greatly assist with navigating financial health. Experian shares a budgeting plan and tips that South Africans can use to better their saving habits!

Unlocking the Future: South Africa – Swiss Blockchain Innovation Challenge

Embrace the transformative power of innovation with the SA Innovation Summit’s groundbreaking Blockchain Innovation Challenge. South Africa is on the brink of a monumental shift, as digital innovation paves the way for new horizons and blockchain technology reshapes frontiers.

SA Innovation Summit 2023: Igniting Africa’s Innovation Frontier Over 3000 innovators are expected to gather in Cape Town on 27 – 28th of September

With a mission to boost startup success and ignite economic innovation, SAIS’23 aims to gather 3 000 participants, featuring top-notch speakers, innovative exhibitors, and thrilling side events. Over 120 speakers will delve into the realities of building ecosystems, while startups can engage in pitch battles and seize numerous growth opportunities.

South African businesses demonstrate resilience in Q1 2023 – Experian Report

The Experian BDI report shows that South Africa managed to narrowly avoid a technical recession with surprise GDP growth in Q1 2023. This positive economic development, combined with the ability of businesses to persevere, highlights the tenacity and innovation present within the South African business landscape.

Why you shouldn’t only be thinking ROI

Arjen de Bruin, Managing Director at OIM Consulting, challenges conventional thinking about ROI. Arjen discusses why businesses shouldn’t only be thinking about ROI, but broadening the definition of value, such as supervisor development, enhanced productivity and planning, good leadership and employee engagement, and more.

Virgin Atlantic Appoints Marc Harding As South Africa Country Manager

Virgin Atlantic is delighted to announce the appointment of Marc Harding as Country Manager for South Africa. Marc joined Virgin Atlantic 23 years ago and held various roles in the operations and commercial departments across Johannesburg and Cape Town. For 13 years, Marc’s core position has been part of the commercial team from Account Manager […]

CCM in South Africa: Bringing Customer Centricity and Business Value into the Same Conversation

In today’s world, businesses need to find technology solutions that can address evolving customer needs while simultaneously delivering significant value. Therefore, the emergence of a new breed of technology called customer communications management (CCM) plays a crucial role here.

The sky’s the limit for cloud security

The digital era has opened new vistas for individuals and businesses with cloud computing being a critical driver of digital transformation and the biggest threat has proven to be security.

The NHI Bill has just been passed – what does that mean for medical aid members?

The passing of the National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill by the National Assembly on 13 June has sparked widespread debate among everyone from private medical scheme members to healthcare providers to the general public.