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Simple Ways to Support Digital Learning and Help Build SA’s Digital Future

Education in the online space was brought into sharp focus during the COVID-19 pandemic and the COVID-19 and barriers to participation in education in South Africa, 2020 report released by Statistics South Africa showed the scale of the challenge in that only 11.7% of schools offered remote learning options, nationally. Most households did not have […]

How South African businesses can start the financial year digitally secure

With phishing, ransomware and other cyberattacks on the rise in South Africa, appropriately budgeting for cybersecurity is a must, as the benefits of having strong measures in place far outweigh the assumed expense of digital security, says Steve Flynn, Sales and Marketing Director at ESET Southern Africa. With a shortage of experienced cybersecurity personnel in South […]

Locally manufactured energy saving product

By Nonhlanhla Ntuli  Eskom recently announced the implementation of stage six loadshedding and the National Energy Regulator of SA approved an 18.65% tariff hike by Eskom for the 2023/24 financial year. This as government has pleaded with consumers to reduce their electricity consumption.  According to the EskomSePush app, the struggling power utility implemented 3 776 hours […]

From failing at university to scaling SA’s top venture builder in four years – these two young entrepreneurs are on a mission to help 1-million people build good tech

One of the most hotly debated topics in African innovation is South Africa’s claim to be the “Tech Capital” of the continent. Home to more than 490 startups and a combined US$1-billion (or R17.6-billion) in funding[1], South Africa is an undisputed leader on the continent. But in 2023, that reputation is slipping, as Nigeria takes […]

Fedhealth to offer genetic testing to improve members’ health

Fedhealth partners with Intelligene to offer personalised genetic testing for its members A new partnership between Fedhealth Medical Scheme and medical bio-tech company Intelligene offers exciting opportunities for genetic testing to improve the efficiency of medication, mitigate health risks by identifying possible future illnesses, and even optimise an individual’s lifestyle by pinpointing the nutrition and […]

Why it’s a good time for South African investors to address concentration risk

With the US dollar having pulled back from the highs seen in the second half of 2022, this is an opportune time for South African investors to address domestic concentration risk if they have been overly exposed to local assets, according to investment advisory and wealth management firm GraySwan. Aggressive interest rate hikes by the […]

Blockchain Africa Conference 2023: Gearing African businesses to compete in the global marketplace

Ettienne Reinecke Dimension Datas Group Chief Technology Officer says Blockchain has gone from strength to strength

The adoption of blockchain technology has gained traction in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana – resulting in more efficient and lower-cost cross-border payments to facilitate African businesses conducting trade abroad1. This shift can be attributed to an increase in global ratification of the technology where approximately 44% of the top 100 public companies2, including […]

Protect against Business Email Compromise – or it may cost you dearly

Don’t let your business be punished for, and by cyber fraud  As the business landscape rapidly evolves, a general awareness of security vulnerabilities is no longer enough. Cyber fraud, data and payment breach risks need to be managed urgently and strategically with the right tools, says Ryan Mer, CEO at eftsure Africa, an automated Know Your […]

Tough times ahead as South Africans face financial crisis

Central Cape Town from Lions Head. January 2007. Author Andrew Massyn

Many South Africans face the prospect of a tough 2023. Inflation is the highest it has ever been, and the repo rate has steadily risen with more increases expected in the near future. Further stress is applied to the majority of consumers through (regular) significant increases in both petrol and diesel prices which not only […]

48HOURS launches free crisis diagnostic app

New online tool helps brands classify the scale of risk from a crisis within just three minutes Nothing tests an organisation quite like a crisis. In a global crisis management survey conducted by Deloitte, 34% of businesses that have already experienced a crisis say the most important lesson they’ve learned is to have better systems […]

Senzo Tsabedze’s 7 Things to expect in the Fleet Management sector in Africa in 2023

2022 was a progressive year in the fleet management industry worldwide with several companies regaining their usual momentum that was disturbed by COVID-19 from early 2020 into 2021. Today, we get an expert forecast on what we should expect to happen in the fleet management sector this year in Africa from Senzo Tsabedze. Senzo Tsabedze […]

Energy to shape the economic future of Africa’s automation and manufacturing industries

SA’s leading trade conference looks for real answers to hard questions from industry experts The importance of energy security in shaping South Africa’s economic future is a key focus at the Africa Automation and Technology Fair (AATF), the continent’s most comprehensive and focused automation platform. Taking place between 9-11 May 2023 at the Johannesburg Expo Centre […]

South African proptech leaders Flow secure $4.5 million in funding to enable the global property industry

South African proptech innovators Flow have secured $4.5million (+-R78 million) in funding at the conclusion of their pre-Series A investment round – the single largest investment in the country’s proptech sector at that stage and amongst the highest in African proptech funding history. The investment will see co-founders and co-CEOs Gil Sperling and Daniel Levy drive the […]

A new year’s resolution for SA’s energy crisis – and why international organisations hold the key to an accelerated Just Energy Transition

By Alana Kruger, Knowledge Transfer Manager for South Africa at Innovate UK KTN Global Alliance Africa. According to leading lifestyle magazines and spiritual gurus, 2023 is a year for self-reflection, intuition and analytical enlightenment. It also marks 16 years since South Africans first experienced loadshedding – an unwelcome and common occurrence that continues to this […]

The future of behavioural coaching – understanding what it can bring to the table

OIM Consulting MD Arjen de Bruin discusses the difference between behavioural coaching vs. training, unpacking the trends we can expect to see in 2023 It was former Colorado football coach Bill McCartney who said, “all coaching is, is taking a player where he can’t take himself.” And McCartney would know. In his 13-year tenure, he won just shy of 100 games, three […]

Fedhealth’s affordable new offering – a supercharged hospital plan for only R945 pm – caters for the young, healthy and digitally savvy

An exciting new solution from Fedhealth medical scheme offers the most affordable hospital plan on the market – ideal for young, healthy, digital natives. With annual inflation reaching a 13-year high in July 2022 (7.8%), budgeting for essential monthly expenses like groceries, transport and healthcare has become increasingly difficult – especially for younger people. Our […]

Using accurate forensic intelligence to combat serial and organised crime in South Africa

“When constructing any kind of civil or criminal case against an individual or corporation, it is imperative that all the evidence that is to be presented in a court of law be one hundred per cent accurate and verifiable,” says Sameer Kumandan, Managing Director of SearchWorks, South Africa’s largest and most innovative data aggregation platform. “False […]

The four-day work week trend spins back into the mainstream

By Johan Botes, Partner and Head of the Employment & Compensation Practice, Baker McKenzie Johannesburg The four-day work week is nothing new. Reading about its anticipated return is akin to getting a letter from an old friend who disappointed you long ago and then disappeared, but for whom you still have fond feelings. Like yo-yos […]

Resilient SMEs will thrive in 2023

By Garth Rossiter Chief Risk Officer, Lulalend The past year has not held much for the SME sector to celebrate, but I expect 2023 to be a year of growth and recovery. 2022 saw the end of COVID-19-related restrictions but, at the same time, we also experienced some of the worst levels of load shedding […]

How to start a business with almost no money

By Catherine Wijnberg One of the questions I am most frequently asked is: “How can I get funding to start my business?” Today’s Google search will give you 340 million answers to this question. But if it’s just one good answer you need, this one might help. The reality is that most new businesses start […]

Enhancing Connectivity Can Bolster Economic Diversification in South Africa, Offering Sustainable Growth and Benefits to All Citizens

Over the past 10 years, South Africa has been dealing with an economic and growing unemployment crisis that has placed the country in a dire situation. There is a growing need for economic development. However, in the past, the mining industry has been the major economic driver of a country that was once the biggest […]

South African Small Construction Companies are Bracing for 2023 and Making Preparations to Rebuild and Thrive

The South African construction industry has been remarkably resilient in the face of the pandemic, managing to rebound as quickly and effectively as possible. Now, as businesses and individuals alike begin to look forward to 2023, it is essential that everyone starts setting themselves up for success in the coming year. For small business owners […]