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CCM in South Africa: Bringing Customer Centricity and Business Value into the Same Conversation

In today’s world, businesses need to find technology solutions that can address evolving customer needs while simultaneously delivering significant value. Therefore, the emergence of a new breed of technology called customer communications management (CCM) plays a crucial role here.

The sky’s the limit for cloud security

The digital era has opened new vistas for individuals and businesses with cloud computing being a critical driver of digital transformation and the biggest threat has proven to be security.

The NHI Bill has just been passed – what does that mean for medical aid members?

The passing of the National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill by the National Assembly on 13 June has sparked widespread debate among everyone from private medical scheme members to healthcare providers to the general public.

How private investors can access offshore equity and commodity markets safely

In recent years, the offshore equity and commodity markets have gained significant traction among savvy investors seeking diversification and higher returns. In this article, the Financial advisor at Grayswan, Braam Bredenkamp addresses this issue head-on by providing valuable insights and actionable tips for private investors to safely navigate and capitalize on offshore opportunities.

Cloud revolution enables businesses to leverage cloud while using on-prem systems

In the article, Udhveer Sookraj explains how a new approach to cloud computing allows businesses that aren’t fully prepared for migration to still benefit from the cloud while using their own on-premises systems. This enhances security and simplifies compliance.

Resilience and collaboration among top themes at the sixth Hotel & Hospitality Show

The African hotel and hospitality market has immense resilience and potential. Recognising this and facilitating a platform for African hospitality to thrive, the Hotel & Hospitality Show, hosted by dmg and Kaoun took place at the Sandton Convention Centre last week to foster growth and collaboration within the sector.

Hello, Joburg? The 90s called, they want their parking payment machines back

South African cities, such as Johannesburg, are striving to become smart cities by creating an intelligent and safe urban environment. However, the lack of efficient parking management systems has hindered this progress.

How innovative payment solutions are shaping South Africa’s retail sector

By Shaun Holley, Deputy CEO & Head of Innovation & Rory Bosman, Sales & Marketing Executive at Ecentric Payment Systems Today’s consumers have access to a myriad of convenient experiences through mobile apps and online platforms, and they expect a similar level of ease when interacting with businesses and specifically payment interactions. Indeed, consumer demand […]

Innovation and investment: Key to the growth of the African transport and logistics sectors

Transport Evolution Africa Forum & Expo to address key challenges, opportunities and solutions for the improvement of ports, rails and roads in Africa

twenty2degrees Announces New Studio in Johannesburg

twenty2degrees Design Partnership, the international hospitality interior design practice founded in London a decade ago, has announced the opening of a new studio in Johannesburg. This follows on from the firm’s expanding portfolio of projects in sub-saharan Africa which currently includes a new Hyatt Regency and a Hyatt House Hyatt Place, both in Nairobi, along […]

Bridging the financial inclusion gap in South Africa requires simplicity and affordability

Financial inclusion remains a major challenge in South Africa, where millions of people remain outside the formal banking system and where higher-income groups have more access to a broader range of financial services. Despite recent steps being taken in the right direction, Andrew Springate, CEO of tech and financial gateway service provider PAYM8 says innovative solutions aimed […]

Gaia launches first specialist REIT investing in on-site solar power solutions for businesses

Gaia Fund Managers announces the launch of South Africa’s first specialist real estate investment trust (REIT) investing in on-site private electricity generation for commercial and industrial clients. In a first round of fundraising, Gaia Renewables REIT – as the fund is called – aims to attract R500 million from institutional investors, high-net-worth individuals, and family offices. The fund will allow […]

Convergence of cyber and physical security presents new challenges: New approaches needed to tackle cyber and physical security holistically

By Richard Frost, Head of Product: Cybersecurity at Armata With South Africa being the sixth most targeted country worldwide regarding cyber attacks, it’s no surprise that organisations have to put numerous steps in place to protect their networks and data. This is all the more crucial in a world where we have legislation such as […]

Skills-based hiring brings South Africa in line with international hiring trends

By Jessica Hawkey, MD at redAcademy As technology continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace and become infused across all aspects of the business, companies are increasingly under pressure to remain competitive by attracting the best tech talent available. However, with a shortage of IT skills and limited access to higher education, it is clear […]